• There are some dishes that lie close to South Africans’ hearts – food that is synonymous with Mzansi. One such beloved dish is the roosterkoek.

    These two places are known for serving mouth-wateringly good roosterkoek that makes visitors come back for more.


    Oude Post Bistro

    Photo: Oude Post Bistro BP Buffeljagsrivier/Facebook

    Oude Post Bistro is a hidden gem that steals the spotlight when it comes to serving the finest roosterkoek. Located in the historic town of Swellendam, this charming bistro’s roosterkoek is a testament to their dedication to preserving traditional South African flavours, with each bite offering a perfect balance of crispiness on the outside and a soft, doughy center. Paired with topics such as locally sourced jams, chicken and mayo, cheese, boerewors, steak and so many more options, the roosterkoek experience at Oude Post Bistro is nothing short of extraordinary.

    And don’t walk through the exit door before you’ve placed your order at Milk&Sugar – they have what I would consider the best milkshakes. It’s a perfect pick-me-up after a long drive.

    Outside, a big playing area with live animals and a jungle gym will keep the kiddos entertained while parents stretch their legs.

    Location: At the BP on the N2, Buffeljagsrivier, Swellendam

    Find them here: www.instagram.com/oudepostbistro


    Route 27 Roosterkoek

    Photo: Route 27 Roosterkoek/Facebook

    In the scenic coastal town of Yzerfontein, Route 27 Roosterkoek has become more than a pitstop—it’s a haven for travelers on route to coastal holidays. Located in a locale frequented by holidaymakers, this charming spot invites visitors to pause for a moment while digging into a delicious meal.

    The star of the show is undoubtedly their roosterkoek, crafted with precision. An ideal indulgence for those seeking an authentic South African culinary experience. As travelers refuel, Route 27 Roosterkoek also offers a selection of aromatic coffees, mouthwatering cakes, and more to keep the bellies full until visitors reach their destination.

    Location: R27 West Coast Road, Yzerfontein

    Find them here: www.facebook.com/Route27Roosterkoek

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    Feature image: Oude Post Bistro/Facebook