• Simple tips for smart food…

    It’s great to experiment with new pizza toppings. Use the traditional base of mozzarella and tomato, then try some of these exciting ideas.

    • Chicken strips, piquanté peppers, Brie and fresh origanum drizzled with sweet chilli sauce.
    • Shredded baby spinach, mushrooms, olives and peppers topped with crispy bacon bits.
    • Balsamic-marinated beef strips, feta and mushrooms topped with fresh rocket.
    • Roasted butternut and Dolcelatte topped with deep-fried sage and Parmesan shavings.
    • Prawns, smoked paprika, spring onions and chilli topped with deep-fried noodles.
    • Sprouts, black sesame seeds, spring onion and 20ml soy sauce per tin of tomato paste, as pictured below.

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