• Where we store our food has become quite the hot topic lately. It seems like every day there’s new advice on where to keep things to ensure they stay fresh. For instance, did you know that storing bananas in the fridge can help them last longer? Or that cucumbers, despite being commonly placed in the refrigerator, actually fare better when kept in a cupboard or fruit bowl?

    But today, we’re focusing on eggs. Should they be kept in the fridge, or is it better to leave them out on the counter in one of those charming egg baskets? It’s a question that many home cooks and food enthusiasts ponder.

    The verdict on egg storage

    In short, yes—eggs should be kept in the fridge if you want them to stay fresh and safe to eat.

    The key reason for this is temperature consistency. Eggs need to be stored at a constant temperature to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria such as salmonella. When eggs experience temperature fluctuations, it increases the risk of bacterial contamination. Therefore, the best place for eggs is in the main compartment of your refrigerator, not the door, which experiences more temperature changes due to frequent opening and closing.


    According to the British Egg Information Service, the refrigerator is the only place that can ensure the cool, stable environment necessary to keep eggs safe. This sentiment is echoed by experts from Bristol University’s School of Veterinary Science, Dr. Rosamund Baird and Dr. Janet Corry have both emphasised that storing eggs at room temperature allows any potential salmonella bacteria to multiply, while refrigeration effectively halts this process. In an interview with the Daily Mail, these experts stated clearly: “Salmonella will not multiply in the fridge.”


    So, while that adorable hen-shaped egg basket may look charming on your counter, it’s best to keep your eggs chilled. Perhaps you can repurpose the basket for something else—just not your eggs.

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