• We’ve all experienced it: reaching for a loaf of bread on the kitchen counter only to find it’s gone rock hard and nearly impossible to cut. While turning stale bread into croutons or bread pudding is a clever reuse, these options work best with pre-sliced bread. But don’t toss that unsliced loaf just yet!

    There’s a simple method to bring it back to life, inspired by a viral TikTok trend. All you need is water and a warm oven to get that hard rock loaf back to its soft and fluffy texture.

    Check your loaf before you begin

    First, inspect your bread. If it has mold, it’s beyond saving and should be discarded. However, if it’s just hardened, you can rejuvenate it with ease.

    How to revive stale bread with water

    Preheat your oven: Set your oven to 150℃. This moderate temperature will rehydrate your bread without causing it to dry out further.

    Moisten the bread: Hold the loaf under running water, ensuring the entire exterior gets wet. The temperature of the water doesn’t matter. For a slightly dry loaf, a light misting or brushing with water will suffice. If the loaf is very dry, use more water. Avoid wetting any open cut sides to maintain the quality of the loaf.

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    Bake the bread: Place the moistened loaf directly on the oven rack. There’s no need for a baking sheet. Set a timer for 5 minutes to start.

    Check for readiness: After 5 minutes, check your bread. Depending on the size and initial dryness, it might need up to 15 minutes. Check periodically by gently poking the loaf. It’s ready when the inside feels soft and bouncy, and the crust is crackly.

    Once revived, your bread is ready for slicing. Whether you’re preparing avocado toast, a chicken club, or simply enjoying a slice with butter, your bread will be as good as new. If you don’t plan to use it immediately, slice the bread and store it in the freezer to maintain freshness.

    This easy and effective method ensures you never have to waste a good loaf of bread again. So, the next time you find yourself with a stale loaf, remember this trick and enjoy fresh bread in no time.

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    Feature image: Pexels