• If there is one thing that an average South African cannot live without, it is a nice moist loaf of bread.

    Over the years, bread has been used in a variety of foods and deserts, such as frikadelle (a meatball mixed with bread crumbs and other ingredients), bread pudding and not to mention some of the country’s most innovative sandwiches.

    This is a testament to how versatile this ultra-processed food can be with a bit of creativity.

    With schools and work resuming as per normal, many would be opting to buy bread in bulk to ensure that they are catered for for the entire week – or two.

    To assist those who may be finding themselves in a similar situation, we have tips to help you keep your bread lasting longer:

    Store in paper

    While many people often opt to cover their breads in plastic, Food & Wine reveals that choosing paper would be a better option.

    It is said that storing bread in plastic often encourages mould growth, resulting in the bread going bad much faster.

    Invest in a bread box

    Investing in a bread box is one of the most ideal and stylish things you can do. While mould often feeds off moisture, investing in a bread box is guaranteed to solve your problems.

    “A good bread box will keep your bread from drying out but will also allow enough airflow to inhibit any mould from growing,” writes lifestyle publication, Eating Well.

    In addition, having this in your kitchen can be useful as it allows you to purchase a box that compliments your kitchen.

    Freeze your bread

    According to food publication Food & Wine, freezing your bread is one of the best ways to preserve your bread.

    “Defrosting a whole frozen loaf in the refrigerator overnight is the best way; out on the counter it can get soggy, and while it will toast just fine, it makes for a better loaf in the fridge,” explains the above-mentioned publication.

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    How to make use of old bread

    Article originally written and published by Sergio Miller for BONA

    Feature image:Pexels