• After the festivities have come to an end and the reality of work life, school life, and family responsibilities are hot on our heels, the option of participating in Dry January is tempting for many of us. It gives us a moment to breathe and recollect who we really are from the fun, spontaneous versions of ourselves that come to life the moment the heat of summer hits.

    Dry January is also the perfect way to kickstart the year and focus on some of our health goals.

    According to a study done by the CDC, excessive alcohol use is associated with more than 43,000 deaths among women.

    So, if you’re looking for some motivation to get in on Dry January, this is what the experts are saying.

    Here are 7 benefits of staying sober for the month according to a study by the University of Sussex:

    1. A brief stint of abstinence can make a huge difference

    When I first started looking into Dry January, I thought: “What difference could one month make?”, and apparently quite a bit. Just one month away from alcohol has proven to rapidly reduce chemical messengers associated with the progression of cancer cells.

    2. Insulin resistance, weight loss, and blood pressure

    58% of participants, or three out of five reported that they lost weight. A study in 2018 showed a 25% decrease in insulin resistance, which is a major driving force for fatty liver disease and type 2 diabetes, as well as lower blood pressure.

    3. Better sleep

    71% of participants said that they slept better after staying away from alcohol for a month and 67% said that they had more energy.


    4. Save money

    88% or nine out of ten people reported to have saved some money.

    5. Improved skin

    54% of participants reported improved skin.

    6. Better overall health

    70% of participants reported better health overall.

    7. Conscious drinking

    82% of participants reported that they thought more deeply about their relationship with alcohol and 80% said that they felt more in control of their drinking. So if nothing else, participating in Dry January will lead to more conscious drinking in the future.

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    This article was originally compiled by Marian Volkwyn for Woman&Home.

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