• Bread is one of life’s most beautiful things. Slap a piece of cheese on it, and that stuff’s pure gold. We’re not talking about your usual store-bought sliced bread (though every bread does have its place). We’re talking the real McCoy – authentic artisan bread. fresh out of the oven with a crust so heavenly, you kind of don’t want to cut into it. I’ve been caught many a time just stood there, sniffing my latest freshly baked loaf. It’s not weird. I’m almost as passionate as this guy:

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    Artisan breadmaking tools aren’t easy to find. I’ve flipped my local lifestyle stores upside down searching for the perfect oval banneton for my sourdough bakes. I was overjoyed to finally discover that I could find it all online, at Bread Emporium. From scoring tools to bannetons and pans, they’ve got it all. Their best (in my opinion) offering, though, are their two breadmaking kits. Let’s have a look-see:

    French Baguette Bread Making Kit


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    Live your best French bakery life right from your kitchen. This French baguette bread-making kit contains all the tools you need to make a gorgeous, crusty baguette at home. Plus, all Bread Emporium’s kits come in gift boxes, so this makes the perfect gift for any bread enthusiast.

    Sourdough Bread Making Kit


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    This kits you up with all the tools you need to bake your own beautiful, thick-crusted, tangy loaf of sourdough bread. The kit comes with an 8-year-old sourdough culture (the older the culture, the better) and your choice of banneton (round or oval-shaped).

    Beyond all the breadmaking basics, Bread Emporium offers all the ingredients you may need along your baking journey, too. Everything from flour (with many alternatives to wheat), seeds, whole grains, malt and yeast is available on their online shop.

    Written by Savanna Douglas

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    Feature Image: Unsplash