• If you’ve been scrolling through cooking videos on TikTok, chances are you’ve stumbled upon Nara Smith’s captivating content. With over 6 million followers, Nara showcases her passion for cooking and homemaking by preparing elaborate and simple meals completely from scratch for her family.

    Nara’s approach to cooking is unique and has South Africans following her life in a frenzy. Even a simple breakfast staple like cornflakes becomes an artisanal creation for her kids in which she makes the cereal from scratch. Recently, she wowed her audience by demonstrating how she crafts her own bubblegum – South Africans call it ‘Chappies’ adjacent – for her sister who had been craving gum.

    @naraazizasmith next time I’d use more corn flour instead of corn meal and try to get it even thinner! The kids didn’t care though 🫶🏽 #easyrecipes #homecooking #breakfast #cereal #fypツ #toddlersoftiktok #cornflakes ♬ Jazz masterpiece “As time goes by” covered by a Jazz violinist by profession(962408) – ricca


    @naraazizasmith who doesn’t love bubble gum! #easyrecipes #homecooking #candy #bubblegum #fypツ ♬ O mio babbino caro (Gianni Schicchi:Puccini:Adami) – AllMusicGallery

    However, Nara’s lifestyle has sparked discussions on social media, leaving us to question whether traditional homemaking is worth a comeback in 2024 as the trend ‘tradwife’ seems to be making its rounds.

    ‘Tradwife’ is short for traditional wife and refers to a woman who prioritises homemaking and family life over other pursuits, and at 23 years old, married to fashion model Lucky Blue Smith, and having three children, Nara embodies what some call a tradwife.’

    Although her early interest in cooking stemmed from health concerns, driving her to explore nutrition and wholesome foods. Her love for cooking started when she had severe eczema and had to make sure what she was putting into her body would be good for her. Critics have questioned her choice, suggesting she’s too young to have three children and embracing a traditional role. The rise of trad wives’ has some viewers conflicted that this trend might be a return to gender stereotypes, while others see it as a valid lifestyle choice.

    @katiecouricmedia @Caro 🫶🏼 breaks down what exactly a #tradwife ♬ original sound – katiecouricmedia

    According to an article in Vogue, critics argue that trad wife’ culture may undermine women’s rights, echoing historical gender roles. However, proponents, like journalist Monica Ainley argue that feminism is about choice, emphasising that women should be free to pursue traditional roles if it aligns with their values.

    In the midst of these debates, Nara’s influence highlights the complexities of modern homemaking. Her commitment to from-scratch cooking and family-centered living invites us to reconsider the value of traditional practices in today’s world, but it does leave many of us in complicated situations as from-scratch cooking could be an expensive journey to follow and extremely time-consuming.

    As discussions continue, Nara Smith’s lifestyle choice prompts us to question: is traditional homemaking worth a comeback? This question resonates beyond her TikTok fame, challenging us to explore the evolving dynamics of family life and gender roles in the 21st century.

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    Feature image: Nara Smith/Instagram/TikTok