• Koula, 94.7 presenter and F&HE blogger, is loving all things food-related in her travels through Turkey, Greece, Italy and Israel…

    Friday 24 August

    Must admit I’m starting to feel a little delirious with all these 6am starts, making myself presentable for filming, leaving hotels at 7 or 8, then shooting all day and arriving at a new hotel late that night. Luckily all I’ve managed to lose so far is a phone charger and that was easily remedied!
    Visited Antioch’s mosaic museum today, then a quick stop at Ferah Kunefe, famous for its sweet snack, kunefe. It’s a mild cheese, covered in shredded wheat, fried and soaked in syrup. Again, locals queuing up for a sweet takeaway fix!
    Then a sobering visit to the Grotto of St Peter – an ancient cave church where the apostle Paul is thought to have taken refuge in Antioch during the time of Roman persecution.
    And another long drive, this time to Adana. City looks amazing! Big, bustling and a great public transport system. We arrived here after dark – hopefully get to explore Adana tomorrow!

    By Serdar Yilgoren