• Koula, 94.7 presenter and F&HE blogger, is loving all things food-related in her travels through Turkey, Greece, Italy and Israel…

    Wednesday 15 Aug

    Why are there always a million important things to do before going away? Despite my best intentions, I left packing until the last minute but somehow we made it to the airport. It’s always such a relief boarding the plane and knowing that if you’ve forgotten to do or pack something, it’s too late now!

    So here we are, my husband and I, sitting on a flight from Jozi to Istanbul. I’ve been asked to present a series of travel documentaries for Orion Tours – a Turkey-based travel company. The production crew are flying out from Canada and kindly extended an invitation to my husband to join us, as long as he didn’t mind lugging equipment, cables and microphones around for us. Sweet deal! Orion Tours offers a variety of guided tours and packages to an international market and can structure them according to the customer or group’s interests – whether religious, archaeological or simply sight-seeing. We’ll be shooting footage of Orion’s ‘The lonely footsteps of the Apostle Paul’ tour and will be traveling through Turkey, Greece, Italy, The Vatican and Israel. Still seems too good to be true!


    By Serdar Yilgoren