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    Friday 7 September

    Another wonderful day today! Did we walk! We woke up early to a delicious pastry compliments of the bakery below us and another exquisite cappuccino, this time made by the owner of the B&B. Then it was off to the Metro to go to the Vatican City! Although we got there early, the queues were already rather long but they were moving along swiftly and in about 15 minutes, we were inside the basilica (the queues for the ‘skip the queue’ option were as long and pricey and we were glad we hadn’t gone for that option). We opted to climb the stairs all the way to the top of the basilica to enjoy the view of the gardens and take in the enormity of the structure. Strenuous but worth it! Would not recommend the stairs for anyone who suffers from claustrophobia though (some very narrow passages) or who isn’t fit. Being so close to the incredible mosaics that grace some of the highest walls was worth it to see them close up!

    Then, with great excitement, we headed to the Sistine Chapel. When we eventually got there (after a long walk through the most fascinating collection of artwork, sculptures and tapestries), we were blown away again. The detail of Michelangelo’s work really does jump out at you – the form of the bodies is so lifelike, you cannot believe they are not photographs!

    Back on the tube and off to the Colosseum again, to explore the inside of it! It was fascinating to take in the enormity of it and what good condition it is in, but also sad, knowing that many executions and gladiatorial battles took place here for the sake of ‘entertainment’.

    We had dinner at a divine little trattoria next to our B&B called La Fojetta – a place far away from tourists, where local patrons are welcomed by name and the chef and kitchen are situated inside the dining room so you can watch him prepare and cook the food. Had the most delicious pasta, homemade and with a delicate cheese sauce, before heading to our 24-hour bakery for a delicious pastry. Hello carbs! But when in Rome!