• In preparation for Heritage Day, Babylonstoren’s butcher has prepared a string of boerewors that spans close to 1.6 kilometres in length, equivalent to the span of 16 rugby pitches, using the meat of a colossal Chianina ox belonging to Babylonstoren Farm.

    When the eight-year-old ox was alive, it tipped the scales at a staggering 1257 kilogrammes. Following the ox’s slaughter, approximately 830 kilogrammes of boerewors was prepared from its meat. The carcass weighed in at 765 kilogrammes, with the cold weight measuring 742 kilogrammes, resulting in a dressing percentage of 60.86%.

    The boerewors will take centre stage at the Babylonstoren garden on Heritage Day, celebrated on 24 September. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy this sausage, and it will also be available through Babylonstoren’s online platform and Farm Shop.

    Sausage Babylonstoren

    Jaco Koegelenberg, the butcher at Babylonstoren, shared that it took the efforts of four strong individuals to raise the hind quarter onto the butcher’s block for meat processing. Jaco typically divides a carcass into various categorised cuts, with the most popular ones being T-bone, fillet, and rump, while the less sought-after cuts are usually ground.

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    ‘It broke my heart to send cuts like ribeye through the grinder. But our objective was to celebrate the heritage of boerewors on Braai Day, and this certainly brought some consolation. As far as we can tell, it is the most boerewors that have ever been made from a single animal in South Africa,’ shared Koegelenberg.

    The boerewors consists of a blend of 600 kilogrammes of Chianina beef, 150 kilogrammes of pork, 26 litres of Worcestershire sauce, and 30 kilogrammes of spices, with coriander, cloves, and nutmeg prominently featured.

    Chianina cattle derive their name from Italy’s Chiana Valley, their place of origin. This ancient breed has roots tracing back to the Roman Empire and was initially bred as a draft animal.

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    These long-legged, muscular creatures are the tallest and heaviest among all cattle breeds. A robust bull can easily weigh between 1100 and 1200 kilogrammes, while cows typically average 800 to 900 kilogrammes. Calves are born with a fawn-coloured coat, but after a few months, they sport the distinctive short, white coat.

    In modern-day Italy, particularly in rural Tuscany, Chianina cattle are renowned for their superior meat. Their well-defined muscles yield exceptional lean yet marbled beef, making them ideal for the famous bistecca alla Fiorentina. Chianina stud farms are a rarity in South Africa, further enhancing the desirability of this exceptional breed’s meat.

    At Babylonstoren, the maturation room, featuring a wall of Himalayan salt blocks, maintains a constant temperature of 6°C. It is here that Jaco and his skilled team dry-age rump, loin, T-bone, fillet, picanha, and ribeye for periods ranging from 30 to 60 days, ensuring the highest quality beef.


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    Article was originally written and published by Cape Etc.

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