• Who doesn’t love cake? We sure do and so do Cake Canteen’s customers!

    Cake Canteen, powered by The Velvet Cake Co., is thrilled to announce its inaugural Cake Residency Pop-Up Series, taking place at their Bellville Branch on April 26th and 27th.

    As part of this exciting weekend, Cake Canteen will be showcasing the delectable creations of Café Chiffon and Mondvol, inviting cake enthusiasts to indulge in a delightful blend of flavours and creativity.

    The brainchild of Jandri van Zyl, founder of The Velvet Cake Co., Cake Canteen embodies the spirit of collaboration over competition. Van Zyl’s vision is to provide a platform for fellow bakers to showcase and sell their goods, fostering a supportive community within the culinary industry.

    In an era where many cake companies primarily operate online, Cake Canteen offers a unique opportunity for artisans like The Velvet Cake Co., Sweet LionHeart, and Mondvol to connect with customers in a tangible, face-to-face setting.

    The Cake Residency will feature the culinary prowess of Andriette from Mondvol, renowned Masterchef winner, and Christine from Cafe Chiffon. Guests are invited to savour an array of delectable treats while engaging with these talented women who have made significant contributions to the culinary landscape.

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    “We are thrilled to host our first Cake Residency event at Cake Canteen,” says Jandri van Zyl. “This initiative not only celebrates the artistry and craftsmanship of local bakers but also provides our customers with an unforgettable experience.”

    Where: Cake Canteen, situated in Hertex, Bellville

    When: 26 and 27 April, 2024 Time: Fridays 8 am – 5 pm, Saturdays, 9 am – 2 pm and Sundays CLOSED

    Cake Canteen transforms the art of savouring cake into an unparalleled experience. Trumping traditional menus, the canteen boasts a tantalising cake counter, a vibrant display of exquisite creations that redefine indulgence. Amidst the array of offerings, from perennial classics to innovative delights like The Velvet Cake Co.’s rainbow masterpiece, every visit promises a delightful discovery.

    Cake Canteen

    Indulgence knows no bounds at Cake Canteen, where each slice, priced from R89, invites patrons to partake in a symphony of flavours. Whether for a leisurely sit-down or a swift takeaway, their cakes beckon with irresistible allure.

    For those seeking a savoury interlude, their freshly baked croissants await daily, while the coveted Sweet Lionheart Lunchbox Mini Cakes stand ready in our well-stocked fridge, ensuring every craving finds its satisfying match.

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    Cake Canteen: The cake collab of dreams

    Feature image: Supplied

    Supplied by Jana Leonard