• If you’re a food lover, you’ve likely come across the delightful world of Teresa Ulyate – a passionate culinary enthusiast hailing from Cape Town and the creative mind behind the delectable creations of Cupcakes and Couscous.

    Teresa’s food journey began at an early age and her love for the art of cooking, and baking especially, started out by helping her mom in the kitchen which grew into a passion and she’s been whipping up delectable dishes ever since.

    Cupcakes & Couscous

    The culinary journey

    Teresa’s formal food education took her to new heights after she completed a National Diploma in Food and Nutrition, where she delved into food science, nutrition theory, and practical kitchen training. Teresa then went on to embark on a career at a leading upmarket food store in Cape Town. However, as life often leads us on unexpected journeys, a few years later, Teresa decided to chase another dream– travel. Together with her husband, they embarked on a journey and travelled for three years before returning to Cape Town.

    This time, Teresa took on the role of a New Product Developer at a different food company, further expanding her horizons in the culinary realm. Two years into this role, she welcomed her beautiful daughter into the world and decided to dedicate her time to being a full-time mother.

    However, Teresa’s love for food never waned. She seamlessly transitioned into a freelance food writer (blogger), recipe developer, and food photographer while raising her two amazing children from the comfort of her home. Her multifaceted skills allowed her to continue her culinary pursuits while cherishing the joys of motherhood.

    Cupcakes and Couscous-1

    Diving into Cupcakes and Couscous

    This led to the birth of Cupcakes and Couscous, Teresa’s food blog, which marked a new chapter in her culinary journey. Her mission is simple yet inspiring: to share her tried-and-true recipes, refined over the years through her passion for experimentation in the kitchen. Teresa believes in the beauty of adapting and personalising recipes, recognising that sometimes the most delicious dishes are born from a pinch of creativity.

    Her newly released cookbook, aptly titled ‘Cupcakes and Couscous,’ is a culmination of her experiences and expertise, offering readers the opportunity to bring her delectable creations to their own tables. “The cookbook is a true reflection of my cooking style. I love sweet things, savoury things and I love sharing easy and wholesome family recipes that everyone can enjoy,” says Teresa.

    What to expect and experiment

    Readers can find two of Teresa’s favourite recipes in her new cookbook which are the lemon tart for dessert and the roast chicken recipe. “Anything with lemon is my absolute favourite but the roast chicken recipe is one that is special to me. It’s quite a nostalgic dish and reminds me of my childhood,” Teresa adds.

    To celebrate South African heritage and flavours, the book has a chapter dedicated to braai recipes that readers and food enthusiasts can explore this Heritage Month and Teresa adds that these recipes are also great for having options during the dire times of loadshedding.

    With each blog post and her new cookbook, Teresa invites her readers to join her in her kitchen adventures. Her recipes are not just instructions; they are stories, filled with love, dedication, and a deep-seated passion for food. Teresa’s goal is to ignite the same fervour for cooking in her readers, encouraging them to explore their kitchens, create delightful dishes, and savour every moment.


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