The 15th night of Ramadan: Time to enjoy boeberaand

March 25, 2024
Boeberaand - Ramadan

As the 15th night of Ramadan approaches, so does the anticipation to enjoy Boeber night. This delightful tradition, deeply rooted in the Cape Town community, brings families together to enjoy a rich, creamy milky drink infused with vermicelli, sago, cardamom, and cinnamon.

Originally stemming from the Malay community’s ties to Javanese and Indonesian cultures, Boeber has become a beloved part of Cape Town’s Ramadan celebrations.

In Cape Town, Indian Muslims have their own variation known as “pez,” pronounced as “pears.” While the core ingredients remain the same, variations abound, with some adding rose water for a fragrant touch, and others incorporating almonds or pistachios for added richness.

While traditionally served on the 15th night to mark the midpoint of Ramadan, many families indulge in Boeber before then, savouring its sweetness throughout the holy month. Known as “boeberaand” or “op die berg” in Cape Town, the celebration extends across the country, uniting Muslims in their enjoyment of this delectable treat.

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Breaking fast at iftar typically begins with a date or savouries, but Boeber holds a special place as the most indulgent sweet treat during Ramadan and most prefer to break their fast with boeber specifically on the 15th night of Ramadan.

However, its enjoyment is not limited to Boeber night alone. Throughout Ramadan, families can relish various alternative milky treats on Thursdays and the following 15 days.

Whether enjoyed on Boeber night or any other day during Ramadan, this creamy concoction serves as a symbol of togetherness and tradition, reminding us of the richness of community and the sweetness of shared moments with loved ones. So, however, you prefer your Boeber, make it your own and celebrate the halfway mark of Ramadan!

Try this delicious boeber recipe by the late Cape Malay Chef, Fatima Sydow:

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Feature image: Mariel Green/@Home

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