Chocolate Pretzel Bites

July 14, 2017
Chocolate Pretzel Bites

They’re bite-sized, delicious and super-simple to make… adults and kids alike will be licking their fingers!

Recipe and styling by Nomvuselelo Mncube

Photograph by Dylan Swart

Recipe from August 2017 issue 

Chocolate Pretzel Bites

Serves: 25
Cooking Time: 10 mins


  • 50 pretzels
  • 3 x 50g Nestlé Rolo rolls
  • 1 x 80g slab white chocolate, finely chopped
  • 20 (60g) strawberry-flavoured bonbons (or any hard, boiled pink sweets), crushed



Arrange the pretzels on a plate and place a Nestlé Rolo atop each pretzel. Microwave on high, 30 seconds. Remove from microwave and place another pretzel on top of the melted Rolo. Press the pieces together to make the “sandwich” stick. Place on a wire rack, repeat these steps until all of the pretzels have been used up and refrigerate, 3 minutes.


Put the white chocolate in a microwave-proof plastic bowl and microwave on high, 1 minute, stirring at intervals until melted. Set aside, 1 minute. Remove the pretzel bites from the fridge and dip each pretzel “sandwich” halfway into the melted white chocolate. Return the half chocolate-coated pretzel bites to the wire rack, sprinkle over the crushed sweets and repeat these steps with the remaining pretzel bites. Allow to chill in the fridge, 2 minutes and then serve.

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