• How to cut a cake

    Cutting your cake this way is not only interesting , it will maximise the amount of cake portions you will get out of your cake!

    Step 1: Remove all unnecessary decorations from your cake including ribbons and toppers and dowels if it is a tiered cake .We recommend using a serrated knife to cut. Make sure you have a tray readyto serve.

    Step 2: From the curved edge make a straight cut across the cake from one side to the other. We use the width of the knife to determine how wide to make the cut. Lie the knife down flat on the top of the cake, with the blunt edge of the knife on the edge of the cake. Turn the knife upright and that is where to make the cut.

    Step 3:holding the chopping board close, cut thee cake into one width way slice and  lay the full slice down flat onto a chopping board.

    Step 4: Cut the full width slice into 3 slices and transfer onto plates.

    Step 5: Repeat with the remaining full width slices.


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