• Amarula and chocolate crème brûlée is a devilishly creamy dessert. Who doesn’t love breaking that barrier of hard sugar, especially when these delicious flavours are waiting for you?

    Before pouring the two colours of custard into the ramekins, it will help to put each mixture into a separate teapot – teapots have a fine pouring action that ensures that the mixtures enter gently and don’t fuse. 

    Amarula and chocolate crème brûlée

    Serves: 6
    Cooking Time: 50 mins + 6 hrs refrigeration


    • 500ml fresh cream
    • 1 vanilla pod, split down the middle
    • 6 egg yolks
    • 100g castor sugar
    • 80ml Amarula
    • 200g good-quality dark chocolate, melted



    Preheat the oven to 120ºC.


    Heat the cream and vanilla pod. When it comes to the boil, remove from the heat immediately, scrape in the seeds from the vanilla pod and then set aside to cool and infuse.


    Mix the eggs and sugar, beating well until the mixture is pale and the sugar no longer feels granular to the touch. Add the cream to the egg mixture.


    Divide the egg mixture in half then beat the Amarula into one half of the mixture and the melted chocolate into the other half. Ensure that the chocolate custard is smooth and there are no lumps of chocolate. Put each mixture into a separate teapot or jug.


    Pour the Amarula mixture and the chocolate mixture into 6 ramekins in alternate black and white layers until the ramekins are full. They will not merge totally but may marble slightly.


    Place the ramekins in a bain marie and cook for 1 hour. Remove them from the oven and allow to cool in the water. When cool remove the ramekins from the water and place them in the fridge to set for at least 6 hours.


    Just before serving, top the set crèmes with brown sugar and caramelise with a blowtorch.