• This makes for a super-tasty yet light lunch!

    Bran-rich flatbreads with roast chicken and tomatoes

    Serves: 4
    Cooking Time: 40 mins


    • 1kg Sasko Bran Rich Self-Raising
    • Flour
    • 10g instant yeast
    • 2,5ml (½ tsp) sugar
    • a pinch of salt
    • 250ml (1 cup) lukewarm water
    • 30ml (2 tbsp) olive oil
    • 30ml (2 tbsp) fresh rosemary, chopped
    • sea salt and freshly ground black
    • pepper, to taste
    • 30ml (2 tbsp) olive oil + extra, to serve
    • roast chicken, to serve
    • roast tomatoes, to serve
    • fresh rocket, to serve



    Place the flour, yeast, sugar and salt in a large bowl.


    Make a well in the flour and slowly add the water until a dough begins to form. Add the olive oil.


    Knead well for 5 minutes until the dough is smooth and elastic. Cover with a clean tea towel and set aside in a warm place until the dough has doubled in size, about 30 minutes.


    Divide the dough into 4 portions and roll out on a floured work surface. Place the dough on a baking tray. Sprinkle with fresh rosemary, sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, and drizzle with oil.


    Bake in a preheated 220°C oven until crsip and golden, 8 – 10 minutes. 6 Top the flatbreads with roast chicken, tomatoes, fresh rocket and a drizzle of olive oil.


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