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Mother’s Day recipes to warm mom’s heart

French toast stacks recipe

French toast stacks

If you’re getting tired of sweet breakfasts, it’s time to give French toast stacks a try. These crunchy layers are full of yummy savoury delights. Who could resist a golden…

Honey-glazed bacon and fig scones recipe

Honey-glazed bacon and fig scones

Honey-glazed bacon and fig scones are deliciously light pastries, full of robust flavours. The earthiness of figs and smokiness of bacon go beautifully together, and are great with such…

Cinnamon rusks recipe

Cinnamon rusks

Is there anything more South African than a good old rusk? Enjoyed with a cup of tea for generations, it’s a staple in our country beloved by almost everyone.…

Individual boeuf en croûte recipe

Individual boeuf en croûte

It’s basically just beef in pastry, but there’s nothing basic about this amazing flavour combination. Individual boeuf en croûte are tender and juicy, wrapped in layers of golden goodness.…

Chicken, leek and mushroom pies recipe

Chicken, leek and mushroom pies

Chicken, leek and mushroom pies are perfect for a family dinner. These flaky, golden-topped pies are bursting with flavour and seasoned perfectly. Delicious for dinner or lunch.  …

Iced chai tea recipe

Iced Chai tea

Iced Chai tea is a delicious lightly spiced beverage. This tea is homemade in India, but the South African version comes ready-mixed in a powder, and is already milky. It…