Padkos recipes for your holiday travels

December 18, 2023

Hit the road with festive flair! Our padkos recipe roundup ensures your holiday travels are accompanied by delicious delights. From savoury snacks to sweet treats, these portable recipes guarantee a tasty and stress-free journey.

The ultimate chocolate chip cookies

Four-ingredient chicken and cheese egg “muffins”

Lemon and coconut bars

Grilled mortadella sandwich with quickled red onions, pesto and mustard mayo

Buttermilk butterfly scones

Peanut-butter cookies with honey and cinnamon butter

Bliss balls with no added sugar

Cheese straws

Prune, almond and oat muesli snack bars

Emmental, crispy bacon and rosemary baked sliders

Banana choc chip muffins

Herbed burger patty pies

Easy Oreo balls


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Feature image: Pexels

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