Red curry sweet potato soup

July 18, 2012 (Last Updated: January 11, 2019)
Red curry sweet potato soup recipe

This Thai-inspired red curry sweet potato soup has just enough hotness to warm up a cold winter’s night. Coconut cream takes the edge off the spicy flavours, and adds a delicious texture to this exotic dish.

Recipe by Donna Hay 

Photograph by Chris Court

Styling by Justine Poole 

Red curry sweet potato soup

Serves: 4
Cooking Time: 25 mins


  • 15ml (1 tbsp) vegetable oil
  • 1 brown onion, chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves, crushed
  • 15ml (1 tbsp) ginger, finely grated
  • 15ml (1 tbsp) Thai red curry paste
  • 1kg sweet potato, chopped
  • 1L (4 cups) chicken stock
  • 250ml (1 cup) coconut cream
  • coriander leaves, to serve



Heat the oil in a saucepan over high heat.


Add the onion and garlic and cook for 2 – 3 minutes. Add the ginger and curry paste and cook for a further 1 – 2 minutes. Add the sweet potato and chicken stock and cook for 15 minutes. Add the coconut cream and blend with a hand-held blender until smooth.


Top with the coriander leaves to serve.



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