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November 18, 2019
Thai fishcakes with a fennel salad

Our digi-ed recently came back from a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Thailand where she got to explore the Thai food scene and indulge in what can only be described as the most delicious food ever. Reminiscent of her trip to the East, Imka shares her favourite Thai recipes with you.

Compiled and written by Imka Webb

Thai shellfish broth

The abundance of fresh seafood available in Thailand will make any foodie happy. If you love tom yum soup, you will love this shellfish broth. This broth is the perfect light start to any lunch or dinner with friends and family.

Thai shellfish broth

Recipe here: Thai shellfish broth

Thai fishcakes with a fennel salad

A spent a lovely afternoon at the beautiful Organika House (Spa & Cafe). Situated above the city line, this lovely little dining spot offered the perfect setting for the thunderstorm that rolled in during the afternoon. I had a delicious snow fish in herbal crust and these delicious fishcakes reminded me of that wonderful day.  Every dish was beautifully plated with flavours that were out of this world – these fishcakes reminded me of this lovely afternoon. 

Thai fishcakes with a fennel salad

Recipe here: Thai fishcakes with a fennel salad

Thai cabbage salad

I love cabbage and I loved that you could find a cabbage dish on almost every menu in Thailand. This cabbage salad is the personification of the smells and tastes of Thailand.

Thai cabbage salad

Recipe here: Thai cabbage salad

Thai coconut prawns

A highlight of my trip to Thailand was a visit to Michelin-star Paste. Headed up by Bee Satongun (Thai) and Australian-born Chef Jason Bailey, Paste Bangkok is a must-visit for serious foodies. The menu at Paste is essentially heirloom creative Thai cuisine, based on numerous old Thai family recipes from between 1870 AD and 1930 AD. The plant-based dishes center on rare Thai produce from all over Thailand, accompanied by the highest quality meats and seafood.

One of the best dishes I had that night was crispy Southern baby smoked prawns with roasted coconut, cashew nuts and pure palm sugar, served on a delicious rose apple.

These Thai coconut prawns are the closest I could find to the delicious prawns I had that night.

Thai coconut prawns

Recipe here: Thai coconut prawns

Thai chicken spring rolls on spicy pickled cabbage salad

I remember visiting China Town  in Bangkok and the loveliest lady was making spring rolls on the side of the road. The smell captured me and I just had to buy some. It was the freshest, crunchiest, most delicious spring rolls I have ever had. This recipe is a close second.

Thai chicken spring rolls on spicy pickled cabbage salad recipe

Recipe here: Thai chicken spring rolls on spicy pickled cabbage salad

Thai prawn curry laksa

The Thai people love their veggies and most dishes contain a whole bunch of fresh vegs. This prawn curry laksa is a fusion of some delicious staple ingredients in various Asian cooking. With influences from Chinese and Malay food, it’s spicy, robust, and bursting with flavour. Add in as many veggies as you’d like to make it even more satisfying.

Thai prawn curry laksa recipe

Recipe here: Thai prawn curry laksa

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