• How can one create a fast-paced, entertaining cooking game show that will undoubtedly become a regular feature on local television? It is simple.

    A top Mzansi chef is placed in each of the two kitchens, one being a ‘Red Tomato’ and the other a ‘Green Pepper.’ You pair each kitchen with an eager home cook willing to test the culinary maestro’s ingenuity with an unknown bag of common ingredients that Mr D delivers. After that, you crank up the heat by programming a scorching 20-minute cook-off and you have Ready Steady Cook South Africa!

    Ready Steady Cook (RSC) has become the new stage for culinary creativity and rapid-fire cooking skills and we caught up with one of our favourite chefs on this thrilling experience.

    Certified chef, food and beverage influencer, and listed as one of the top 5 chefs to follow on Instagram for 2019,2021, and 2022 by IOL, Chef Funi is bringing the drama and the heat on RSC.

    Ready Steady Cook - Chef Funi

    Chef Funi on Ready Steady Cook

    Chef Funi’s journey on Ready Steady Cook South Africa has been exhilarating. When asked about his experience thus far, he expressed enthusiasm for the engaging atmosphere of the show. “Competing against my fellow chefs and sharing my love for cooking in such an interactive manner was a big draw for me,” Chef Funi said. The blend of thrill and culinary passion fueled his decision to join the competition.

    The format and concept of Ready Steady Cook stand out for Chef Funi. “It emphasises creativity, quick thinking, and culinary skills in a fun and competitive setting,” he noted. This unique approach challenges chefs to think on their feet, which aligns perfectly with Chef Funi’s natural agility in the kitchen.

    Ready Steady Cook - Chef Funi

    Filming for the show presented its own set of challenges. Chef Funi highlighted scheduling as a significant hurdle. Balancing TV commitments with his other culinary interests required meticulous time management. One standout aspect of RSC is its collaboration with Mr D, enabling viewers to recreate the show’s dishes at home.

    A gateway to inspire and educate home cooks

    Chef Funi sees this partnership as a gateway to inspire and educate home cooks. “Cooking shows are an excellent source of inspiration and education,” he explained. The collaboration allows viewers to incorporate unique recipes and cooking techniques into their own kitchens, enhancing their culinary repertoire and enriching mealtime experiences.

    Fostering a deeper connection to food

    Reflecting on the broader impact of the show, Chef Funi believes it can motivate and engage audiences beyond entertainment. “I hope people enjoy watching us entertain them in their homes,” he shared. RSC isn’t just about competition; it’s about fostering a deeper connection with food and culinary craftsmanship.

    Chef Funi’s participation in RSC exemplifies the thrill of culinary innovation and the joy of sharing food with a wider audience. As viewers tune in and engage with the show’s recipes through the Mr D partnership, Chef Funi’s influence extends beyond the competition arena, inspiring home cooks to explore new flavours and techniques in their own kitchens.

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    Feature image: Supplied