• Ready Steady Cook South Africa is not just a TV show; it’s a whirlwind of creativity, pressure, and excitement, especially for those behind the scenes. Chef Fehmz, one of the shining stars on the show, recently shared her exhilarating journey with us, giving us a glimpse into what it’s like to be a part of this culinary adventure.

    A Thrilling learning experience

    When asked about her experience on the show, Chef Fehmz couldn’t contain her enthusiasm. “It’s been one of my biggest learning experiences. Tons of fun but also it takes a different kind of creativity to think of what to make and then try to execute it in 20 minutes. I have learnt so much about myself and my capabilities but also how to work under pressure while still enjoying the experience.”

    Ready Steady Cook South Africa

    The rapid-fire format of Ready Steady Cook challenges chefs to think on their feet, pushing them to their creative limits in a race against the clock. This high-pressure environment has been a tremendous learning opportunity for Chef Fehmz, who has discovered new strengths and refined her skills under the watchful eyes of the nation.

    Grabbing the opportunity

    For Chef Fehmz, joining Ready Steady Cook South Africa was a no-brainer. “I was motivated to join because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of a show on national TV that’s going to run for a good few months. It’s one of those opportunities you simply cannot say no to.” The chance to showcase her talent on such a prominent platform was too good to pass up.

    Ready Steady Cook South Africa

    The concept and overcoming challenges

    The unique format of Ready Steady Cook is something Chef Fehmz genuinely enjoys. “I love the concept and format! They’ve introduced some super exciting (more like challenging) elements like a limited pantry, mystery ingredient etc. It’s crazy but so much fun. I love that it’s quick meals and that we get to work with so many different contestants from best friends to work colleagues to couples and siblings.”

    However, the journey hasn’t been without its hurdles. Chef Fehmz shares a few amusing yet relatable challenges she faced. “Well, I’ve burnt my fingers more than a few times because I rush too much. And I am short so reaching for plates can be a debacle sometimes. Hahaha.”

    Bringing the show home with Mr D

    One of the most exciting aspects of Ready Steady Cook South Africa is its collaboration with Mr D, allowing viewers to recreate the show’s dishes at home. Chef Fehmz is thrilled about this partnership. “I think Mr D is making it so easy to help everyone to be able to prep and cook these dishes at home and I can assure you of one thing, we HAVE to make good dishes that taste great, so you really can and should try it at home!”

    This initiative not only extends the show’s reach but also makes gourmet cooking accessible to everyone, inviting viewers to be part of the culinary excitement.

    Ready Steady Cook South Africa

    A boost to South African cuisine

    Ready Steady Cook South Africa isn’t just about entertainment; it’s about inspiring a nation. According to Chef Fehmz, the show has the potential to significantly impact the local culinary scene. “For me, if we can inspire more people to get into the kitchen, get creative, and enjoy the process of cooking then we’re doing it right, especially with experimenting with local flavours.”

    She envisions a future where the show’s influence extends beyond the screen, sparking Ready Steady Cook-themed parties and home challenges. “I can’t wait to see parties being themed around Ready Steady Cook and individual challenges that people do in their own homes. That’s where I see this show going.”

    Chef Fehmz’s journey on Ready Steady Cook South Africa is a testament to the show’s vibrant spirit and its power to inspire. As we watch her create culinary magic on screen, we can’t help but feel a part of this incredible adventure, eager to bring a piece of it into our own kitchens.

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