• The term ‘mindfulness’ is thrown around like confetti at a wedding, but there’s more to it than just a passing phrase. Keep reading for 7 ways to create a more mindful home.

    The Minimalist Seeker

    A Minimalist Seeker is focused on living a less complicated and cluttered lifestyle. Think of all the ‘Marie Kondo’ing’ that took place in the past few years or the better understanding of essential or non-essential products. A mindful home also emphasises activities, such as regular exercise, cooking and baking from scratch. Spending time alone or family or close friends has become paramount, and the ‘slow life’ is the highest achievement.

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    The Empowered Activist

    An Empowered Activist values well-being and rising issues—actively seeking products with green and sustainability features or claims. Inexpensive, eco-friendly materials are becoming the most accessible for those who want to make better choices that won’t break the bank.

    Empowered Activists are invested in experiences and are likely to spend their time and money on activities that promote their happiness. Not only does it give that calm boho ambience, but the act of creation as an amateur hobbyist or as a family brings a sentimental value to unique conversational pieces for a home.

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    Self-Sustainability – the Power of Resting and Resetting

    Knowing that quality sleep plays a critical role in boosting energy, mood, improving memory and lowering health risks have long driven the inclusion of natural elements into bedrooms to create a tranquil sanctuary, and this year’s adaptation of environmental decor comes from earth tone colour schemes. Refreshing and calm rooms play with textures and contrasting materials.

    Whether it’s cane/wicker furniture, macramé or natural woven cushions, or a mixture of metal with natural or treated wood makes for a tactile and visual treat that supports the senses to engage with the space with serenity.

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    Economic Sustainability and Buying Local

    An increased appreciation for local businesses or locally sourced and manufactured goods means that product sources are closer to individual customers resulting in faster and cheaper delivery, more product transparency and ultimately customer satisfaction.

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    Smart Tech for the Home

    Contemporary household appliances with high reliability, energy efficiency and resource-saving rates are vital points for those hoping to create a mindful home.

    Smart and Sustainable Lighting

    Swapping out regular incandescent bulbs for smart lighting solutions allow you to set schedules and create an ambience to fit your needs. Timers reduce consumption whether that’s cooking prep or just relaxing in the living or bedroom, lighting packs by known brands make that an easy integration into daily life.

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    Expanding Mindfulness to the Outdoors

    The latest garden furniture collections present many new upholstered seats with comfortable and spacious shapes to invite you to relax and live in comfort. Natural wood, textiles, rattan, wicker furnishings have transcended the indoor/outdoor boundaries alongside critical garden solutions such as living walls and urban farming.

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    Written by the Garden&Home team.

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