• Ready Steady Cook, the beloved cooking show, has found a special place in the hearts of food enthusiasts around the world, and its journey to South Africa has been nothing short of a culinary celebration.

    The show’s concept is simple yet captivating: two teams, each led by a celebrity chef, compete to create the best dishes from a mystery bag of ingredients within a limited time. This format not only tests the chefs’ creativity and skill but also entertains and educates the audience, making cooking accessible and fun for everyone.

    Ready Steady Cook and Mr D

    The original Ready Steady Cook dates back to the UK, where it first aired in 1994. The brainchild of Franc Roddam, the show quickly became a hit, thanks to its engaging format and the lively competition between the chefs. Over the years, it has been adapted in various countries, each adding its unique flavour to the show. The secret to its enduring success lies in its ability to combine the thrill of a competition with the joy of cooking, all while encouraging viewers to experiment with ingredients and recipes.

    Bringing Ready Steady Cook to South Africa was a stroke of genius. The diverse and vibrant culinary landscape of South Africa, with its rich mix of cultures and traditions, provides the perfect backdrop for the show. South Africans are passionate about food, and Ready Steady Cook taps into this enthusiasm by showcasing a variety of local ingredients and cooking styles. From traditional dishes to modern twists, the show celebrates the country’s culinary heritage while introducing new and exciting flavours.

    One of the key reasons Ready Steady Cook resonates so well with the South African audience is its interactive nature. Viewers are not just passive spectators; they become part of the action by voting for their favourite dishes. This engagement creates a sense of community and excitement, as families and friends gather to watch and cheer for their preferred team. The show’s format also inspires home cooks to try new recipes and techniques, making cooking a fun and rewarding experience.

    Mr D - Ready Steady Cook

    And the best part? Ready Steady Cook South Africa is associated with Mr D, making exceptional home cooking even more convenient. This innovative collaboration throws open the doors to a world of convenience and culinary exploration. Viewers can now witness mouthwatering dishes come to life on screen, using the very ingredients they can have delivered straight to their doorsteps by Mr D Groceries at in-store pricing within a swift 60 minutes. The mystery bag is not about the surprise ingredients – it’s about the knowledge that viewers can effortlessly recreate these dishes at home, without breaking the bank.

    Ready Steady Cook South Africa promises to be a daily dose of entertainment and inspiration and throws viewers headfirst into a thrilling cook-off. In a country where food plays a central role in social gatherings and celebrations, Ready Steady Cook South Africa has struck a chord with its audience. It highlights the fun and joys of cooking and the pleasure of sharing a meal with loved ones.

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    “An opportunity to inspire and educate home cooks” – Chef Funi shares his experience on Ready Steady Cook

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