• As South Africans we are used to adding something sweet to our morning brew, but would you be open to experimenting with salt in your morning cuppa?

    A trend has been circulating on TikTok where people have added salt to their brew of coffee.


    Reply to @croctock Have you ever tried adding salt to your coffee? Let me know your thoughts on it! #specialtycoffee #pourover

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    But it’s not all that strange. In fact, scientifically adding salt makes total sense.

    Reduces bitterness

    Sodium, the most significant component of salt, is known to neutralise the bitterness in coffee.

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    Research dating back to 1995 proved that salt was highly effective at not only masking the bitter compounds, but it makes coffee actually taste sweeter too.

    Improves the quality of water

    Including salt in your brewing pot of coffee can improve the quality of the water and at the bare minimum, a tasty cup of java is only as good as the quality of the water used.

    Denser water

    Adding sodium to water also makes the water denser, which could result in a thicker brew of coffee overall.

    Salt has the power to enhance flavours

    Salt is known to enhance existing flavours, which is why adding just a pinch of salt to a dish can really bring out the flavours. In fact, if you’ve cooked and forgotten to add a little bit of salt, you will definitely notice it on the first bite.

    We decided to see what the fuss was about.


    Found ourselves trying the #saltincoffee hack for a piece I wrote for @Woman and Home SA. I don’t do kitchen content, but this was kinna fun. @Warren Volkwyn353

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    Written by Marian Volkwyn for Woman&Home.

    Feature image: Getty Images