Health benefits of eating biltong

December 2, 2023

Biltong – a meaty treat beloved by many South Africans – tantalises the tastebuds with its tender texture. Not only does biltong have an array of spice blends to choose from but it also boasts surprising health benefits that will urge you to reach for more.

Whether you are nibbling the snack post-workout or enjoying it with alcoholic beverages during an intense sports game, here are a few health benefits of biltong to keep in mind.

1. Packed with protein

M-Eat! – a company that sells a healthy range of cured beef snacks – states that one serving of biltong provides 50% of one’s daily protein nutritional requirement.

2. Low in fat

The above-mentioned biltong-selling company also explains biltong has just 3% fat in a 25-gram serving. “Per 100 grams, that means as little as 4 grams of fat and 253 calories in biltong.”

3. Keto-friendly

As biltong is cured and air-dried, there is no oil used in its preparation, resulting in a very lean profile, similar to a cut of meat, shares COAN – a company that sells biltong in the United Kingdom. With some fragrant spices and a lot less salt, biltong becomes a healthy snack favourite perfect for a keto-based diet.

4. High in vitamin B12

Biltong contains vitamin B12 – an essential nutrient that nourishes your brain and nervous system, explains COAN. The vitamin type also assists in creating red blood cells which help to prevent anaemia.

5. It can be an energy booster

According to M-Eat!, the average person needs 15 milligrams of zinc per day for optimal benefits. Fortunately, biltong contains zinc which is considered an energy booster. “It creates clever little enzymes that help process fat, carbs and protein in all the food you eat. Meaning that your energy levels will soar.”

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Article originally written and published by Jade Rhode for BONA Magazine. 

Feature image: Unsplash

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