• With cooler weather and flu season fast approaching, we’re stocking up on the cold weather essentials – meds, winter clothing, and tea to keep warm. Instead of opting for a Ceylon blend, why not consider teas that boast health benefits, too?

    8 Teas that are great for your health

    We’re sharing the top 8 teas that are great for your health and why, according to Healthline:

    1. Chamomile tea

    Chamomile shouldn’t only be your go-to for a better night’s rest. Research backs up its reputation for improving sleep, especially among older adults and new moms. Beyond that, chamomile has potential antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and even liver-protecting benefits. It may also help with easing PMS symptoms and helping with blood sugar control.

    camomile tea (1)

    2. Peppermint tea

    Famous for settling upset stomachs, peppermint tea also boasts antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Studies suggest that peppermint oil, which is a bit more concentrated than your cup of tea, could be a big help with digestion issues like IBS.

    3. Ginger tea

    Known for knocking out nausea, ginger tea should be a go-to for everything from morning sickness to post-op discomfort. This spicy brew might also offer relief from menstrual pain, and help manage blood sugar levels in diabetes.

    Ginger tea (1)

    4. Hibiscus tea

    With its unique red hue and taste, hibiscus tea and heart health go hand in hand. Some studies show it can work wonders for blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Just a heads up, though – chat with your doctor if you’re on diuretics before drinking hibiscus.

    5. Echinacea tea

    Looking to dodge the common cold? Echinacea tea is believed to boost your immune system’s defenses. While the jury’s still out on its effectiveness, some findings suggest it could shorten cold durations or lessen the severity of symptoms.

    Echinacea Tea

    6. Rooibos tea

    The rooibos plant, which is endemic to a small part of the Western Cape, isn’t just delicious – it could be an allergy fighter and bone protector. Preliminary research hints at its potential for improving bone health and possibly lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

    7. Lemon Balm tea

    This lightly lemon-flavoured tea may boast the benefits of easing arterial stiffness and boosting your body’s antioxidant defense against oxidative damage. It might also alleviate depression and anxiety symptoms.

    Lemon balm tea

    8. Rose Hip tea

    Packed with vitamin C and anti-inflammatory agents, rose hip tea has been linked to arthritis pain relief and might even aid in weight management. However, more current research is needed to fully understand its benefits.


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     Article was originally written by Savanna Douglas for Woman&Home.

    Feature image: Unsplash