• There is no surprise why this proudly South African cookbook made the Best Sellers list – and has been shortlisted for the 2022 Adult Non Fiction list at the SA Book Awards!

    Hosting with the Lazy Makoti is a locally written cookbook by trained chef, award-winning author and all-round fun-loving and vibrant woman, Mogau Seshoene. From the moment you open this book you are greeted by kind and loving words from people that have worked with her and whom she has encountered on her journey. This definitely sets the mood for the book as a cookbook for the people. The book expresses feelings of love and admiration for all food, relationships and interactions she’s had throughout her career. There is definitely something in this book for everyone and for every occasion, whether you are looking for the perfect Sunday lunch spread or a simple, yet delicious weeknight meal. Hosting with the Lazy Makoti would definitely be the perfect fit.

    With 11 themed sections, from inspirational breakfasts and plant-based meals to proudly Mzansi and soul food, Hosting with the Lazy Makoti allows the reader to feel warm and welcome no matter your skill level in the kitchen. This must-have cookbook celebrates the joy of food and culture – both of which are prominent themes throughout the Lazy Makoti cookbook range and homegrown brand. The story is accessible and realistic for all South Africans and the contents lend themselves to easy adaptation to suit cultural or personal preferences. Whether you’re looking to find hassle-free, but full-on flavour weekend meals, or to trot around the proud African continent ( with its ancient name “Alkebulan”), the Lazy Makoti has got you covered.

    Her book is filled with beautiful images and recipes that will leave you drooling at every page. A great touch to her book is the addition of Chefs from around the African continent, emphasising her love for people and food. We are so fortunate to share that experience with her. Her hard work has paid off in the kitchen as this essential reference guide for the kitchen has been shortlisted in the Adult Non Fiction category for the SA Book Awards.


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    Although not many of us use scales in our kitchens and are more accustomed to using cups and teaspoons when measuring, she has added a very thoughtful millilitre measurement in brackets next to the weight, again showing us that no one will be excluded, but is rather inviting one to try with no limitations.

    As an all-round food lover, I can truly appreciate all the food in this book. Some yummy pork chops smothered in a creamy mushroom and thyme sauce, a soul-warming beef broth, and even a simple recipe on how to make your own oat milk. I mean can it get any better than homemade?

    With such a wide range of plant-based meals, you are definitely left feeling more inspired. Now with all that savoury said, I could just not ignore the absolutely amazing bakes as I continued to page through the cookbook. Quickly grabbing my “must make next “ notepad. I quickly found myself with a lot of cakes and bakes to make. Starting with the homemade white bread. I think we can all agree that sometimes finding the perfect homemade bread recipe that you use for every occasion can be quite challenging to find, but this one is effortless and a dream to make.

    Next up was the berry swirl cheesecake, wow! With its deep purple homemade berry coulis swirl and ultra creamy cheesecake filling completely pulling you into the page, I couldn’t help but get an ache in my sweet tooth… It was time to bake!


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    I noticed that in this cookbook, there are a lot of flavours that most of us have grown up with and I love that – simple comfort food done deliciously.

    There are a few resounding themes that echo across the pages of Hosting with the Lazy Makoti. Her recipes are close to home, encouraging, and food for the people – nostalgic almost – but overall there’s a sense that she’s excited to see you succeed and enjoy her recipes.

    Can I just say…Lamb roast & Honey glazed Gammon P200 & 203.


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