B-well invests in food industry through its collab with Sense of Taste Chef School

February 22, 2024

B-well is thrilled to announce its partnership with the Sense of Taste Chef School, based in Maitland, Cape Town.

The collaboration will see B-well supplying the school and its community feeding programme with the complete range of B-well products, made from homegrown canola.

“We are very excited to partner with Sense of Taste,” says Lunique Theunissen, Brand Manager of B-well. “It’s not just about introducing our range of oils, mayonnaises, and cooking sprays to the next generation of chefs. It’s about collaborating with a school that is passionate about education, with values that we share – that of sustainability, compassion and celebrating local ingredients.”


The Sense of Taste Chef School was founded 13 years ago and is led by Chef Peter Ayub together with Principal Debs Ayub and Sous Chef Byron Thebus who collectively bring over 35 years of experience in the food and hospitality industry to their training. “When students join the Sense of Taste Chef School, it’s the very start of their food industry journey,” says Debs. “It’s our responsibility as educators to use products that we personally believe in, and to teach our students why the ingredients they use can have a direct impact on the environment, the local economy and – most importantly – their diners.”

Debs goes on to say that B-well’s excellent quality and reputation in the marketplace is something that they’re very excited to share with their students. “We believe that we’re a great match, with the same industry outlook – for us, we want to provide our students with the best education and life skills, and for B-well, to give consumers the option of canola-based, allergen-free alternatives to everyday products,” says Debs.

Sustainability is key

With state-of-the-art training facilities and just 16 – 20 students accepted per year, Sense of Taste Chef School’s focus is squarely on offering personalised, one-on-one training. “The most important thing for us is that a student is not a number,” says Debs. “Once you join the Sense of Taste Chef School, you’re part of a family.”

Across its curriculum, the school prioritises ethical eating, utilising seasonal produce, nose-to-tail (or root-to-stem) eating and, most importantly, cooking with love and passion. Diners will find these traits very much on display at the school’s vibrant Urban Playground restaurant, which features global street food that’s packed full of flavour.

“I love teaching and sharing my knowledge of food,” says Chef Peter Ayub, who has had a colourful and exciting career that includes cooking in far-flung locales like Moscow, Istanbul and Bangkok, and cooking for esteemed guests such as Nelson Mandela, Beyonce and Vin Diesel. “For me, sustainable and ethical eating is absolutely key. We firmly believe in preparing our students to follow this ethos and being able to teach our students and guide them to a better understanding of food is truly fantastic.”

Reaching out

One of the projects that B-well is most excited to be involved in through its product sponsorship is the school’s feeding programme which was founded during the Covid-19 pandemic. With a motto of ‘Food made with Compassion and Nutrition’ the programme forms part of the school’s curriculum and students are directly involved in the preparation of meals for 500 to 1000 people in need each week. “The feeding scheme not only gives back directly to the hungry in our community, but it also teaches our students about the importance of social responsibility,” says Debs.   

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