• Sweetbeet, known for its dedication to serving wholesome, flavourful and freshly prepared food, has excitedly announced its latest endeavour.

    Teaming up with esteemed South African MasterChef winner Kamini Pather, Sweetbeet introduces an enticing selection of Build Your Own (BYO) flavour combinations, empowering customers to personalise their dishes with over 50 fresh ingredients.

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    The remarkable aspect of Sweetbeet’s BYO concept lies in its versatility, offering customers the opportunity to create over thousands of unique dish combinations. With each visit, customers can explore different flavours tailored to their individual preferences.

    With nine strategically located stores primarily in the Western Cape and proudly affiliated with the esteemed Vida e Caffè brand, Sweetbeat has become synonymous with innovation and excellence. From delectable sandwiches to nourishing bowls and refreshing smoothies to satisfying wraps, Sweetbeet’s diverse menu caters to discerning palates seeking both health and taste.

    In collaboration with Kamini Pather, Sweetbeet presents four specially curated BYO bowls, each a testament to Kamini’s expertise and commitment to culinary perfection. These meticulously crafted bowls promise flavours and textures, delivering a culinary experience unlike any other.

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    Kamini Pather’s decision to partner with Sweetbeet stems from a shared dedication to quality ingredients and a passion for flavour exploration. Sweetbeet’s commitment to using fresh, high-quality ingredients perfectly complements Kamini’s culinary vision, making Sweetbeet the ideal platform to showcase her innovative BYO creations.

    ‘We are thrilled to collaborate with Kamini Pather, to introduce these exceptional BYO dishes to our customers,’ says Sweetbeet’s group marketing executive, Fahiem Frizlar. ‘Her expertise and creativity have elevated our menu, offering our customers an unmatched dining experience.’

    Enjoy a flavour-filled journey with Sweetbeet and indulge in the culinary brilliance of MasterChef winner Kamini Pather’s creations.

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    Visit Sweetbeet today and try Kamini’s first Vitamin C-enriched flavourful bowl made with brown and wild rice, roasted chicken, cottage cheese, roasted chilli broccoli, red cabbage, edamame beans, corn, sesame soy and kale chips – crafted just for you.

    For more information, visit Sweetbeet’s website here, or follow @sweetbeetsa on Instagram and Sweetbeet on Facebook.

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