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Quick and easy savoury muffins

Quick and easy savoury muffins

For this recipe, you will need: Golden Cloud Savoury Cheese & Onion Flavoured Muffin Mix, grated Cheddar, 1 x 400g tin peeled and chopped tomatoes and fresh thyme leaves.…

Pesto and veggie frittata

Pesto and veggie frittata

This pesto and veggie frittata is the ultimate breakfast, lunch or dinner. Serve it with a fresh green salad for the perfect meal. For a meatier option, simply add…

smoothie flapjacks

Smoothie flapjacks

These tasty brunch or teatime delights are made with a rainbow Swiss chard, berry and chocolate smoothie – the perfect way to get in some greens! Makes 16 (Serves 4)…

Dairy-free flapjacks

These dairy-free flapjacks are the perfect breakfast treat! Recipe and Styling by Sarah Dall Photograph by Myburgh Du Plessis…

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