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Chunky fillet gourmet burger recipe

Chunky fillet gourmet burgers

Chunky fillet gourmet burgers aren’t your average hamburgers. These are melt-in-your mouth culinary triumphs. Bursting with flavour and easy to make, they should definitely be the stars of your…

Oxtail recipe


The perfect soul food to share with friends. Oxtail is known for its tender richness, so this is the ideal comfort dish.  …

Orzo in broth recipe

Orzo in broth

Orzo is a great way of adding some life to a broth dish. It’s lighter than other pastas, so won’t leave you feeling uncomfortably full. The combination of beef and…

Ostrich steak tamarind curry recipe

Ostrich steak tamarind curry

Ostrich steak tamarind curry is a great way to use tender, earthy ostrich meat. This delicious dish is full of refreshing flavours, and is wonderfully filling. Great on a…

Beef and red wine stew recipe

Beef and red wine stew

Beef and red wine stew is a classic. This delicious recipe proves once and for all that there’s no better combination than tender meat and dry wine. A perfect…

Tacos with ostrich mince con carne recipe

Tacos with ostrich mince con carne

Tacos with ostrich mince con carne use some favourite South Africa meat in a Latin American classic. Ostrich mince is delicious stuffed into a taco and topped with guacamole, tomato…