The only quantity conversion chart you will ever need

The only quantity conversion chart you will ever need

We’ve selected the ingredients we thought most useful to be converted for everyday and special-occasion cooking and baking and have put together a comprehensive volume-to-weight conversion chart for your convenience. We’ve carefully weighed out each ingredient in our test kitchen and we hope our conversion chart will be very useful in your home kitchen.

Because all ingredients have different densities, 1 cup of one ingredient will not be equal in weight for the same volume of another ingredient – hence the importance of a conversion chart.

Our conversion chart will also be handy when it comes to those recipes where the originator has not provided conversions.

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How to convert gelatine leaves to powdered gelatine

To convert gelatine leaves to powdered gelatine, or vice versa, just use the same weight of gelatine. Simply, this means a standard 2g leaf of gelatine can be replaced by 2g powdered gelatine. If your leaf is equal to 3g, use 3g powdered gelatine. It is important to remember, however, that leaf gelatine sets your liquid clear, whereas powdered gelatine results in a murky appearance.

The only quantity conversion chart you will ever need


IngredientQuantity (volume)Quantity (weight)


Baking powder5ml (1 tsp)5g
Bicarbonate of soda5ml (1 tsp)7g
Cocoa powder15ml (1 tbsp)7g
Coconut, desiccated250ml (1 cup)95g
Coffee granules15ml (1 tbsp)5g
Cream of tartar5ml (1 tsp)5g
Custard powder15ml (1 tbsp)10g
Gelatine, powdered5ml (1 tsp)4g
Milk, powdered250ml (1 cup)115g
Yeast, dried5ml (1 tsp)4g
Yeast, fresh5ml (1 tsp)5g


Breadcrumbs, brown, dried250ml (1 cup)55g
Breadcrumbs, brown, fresh250ml (1 cup)80g
Breadcrumbs, white, dried250ml (1 cup)55g
Breadcrumbs, white, fresh250ml (1 cup)65g
Breadcrumbs, panko250ml (1 cup)85g
Breadcrumbs, shop-bought250ml (1 cup)110g


Bocconcini mozzarella, torn250ml (1 cup)200g
Cheddar, grated250ml (1 cup)125g
Cottage cheese, chunky250ml (1 cup)245g
Cottage cheese, creamed250ml (1 cup)225g
Cream cheese250ml (1 cup)235g
Feta cheese, crumbled250ml (1 cup)145g
Goat’s cheese, crumbled250ml (1 cup)145g
Mascarpone250ml (1 cup)150g
Mozzarella, grated250ml (1 cup)127g
Parmesan, grated250ml (1 cup)100g
Ricotta, crumbled250ml (1 cup)170g



250ml (1 cup)225g
Buttermilk250ml (1 cup)255g
Cream, fresh250ml (1 cup)255g
Crème  fraîche250ml (1 cup)235g
Custard, shop-bought250ml (1 cup)270g
Double thick cream250ml (1 cup)245g
Ice cream250ml (1 cup)195g
Milk250ml (1 cup)250g
Sour cream250ml (1 cup)235g
Yoghurt250ml (1 cup)250g

Dried and preserved fruit and vegetables

Apple cubes, dried250ml (1 cup)85g
Apple rings, dried250ml (1 cup)85g
Cake mix250ml (1 cup)160g
Cherries, glacé and drained250ml (1 cup)200g
Citrus peel, candied250ml (1 cup)150g
Coconut flakes, dried250ml (1 cup)60g
Cranberries, dried250ml (1 cup)130g
Dates, dried250ml (1 cup)155g
Figs, dried250ml (1 cup)150g
Ginger, candied, drained250ml (1 cup)20g
Glacé fruit, mixed, chopped250ml (1 cup)170g
Goji berries, dried250ml (1 cup)110g
Mango strips, dried250ml (1 cup)95g
Mixed dried fruit, chopped250ml (1 cup)170g
Mushrooms, dried250ml (1 cup)35g
Peach halves, dried250ml (1 cup)125g
Pear halves, dried250ml (1 cup)175g
Pomegranate rubies, dried250ml (1 cup)165g
Prunes, dried250ml (1 cup)140g
Raisins250ml (1 cup)200g
Sultanas250ml (1 cup)170g


Eggs, whole, beaten250ml (1 cup)255g
Egg yolks250ml (1 cup)260g
1 egg yolk, large18g
1 egg yolk, extra large18g
1 egg yolk, jumbo18g
1 egg white, large36g
Egg whites250ml (1 cup)245g
1 egg white, extra large38g
1 egg white, jumbo40g
1 egg, whole, large, no shell54g
1 egg, whole, extra large, no shell56g
1 egg, whole, jumbo, no shell58g


Avocado oil250ml (1 cup)205g
Canola oil250ml (1 cup)210g
Coconut oil250ml (1 cup)220g
Duck fat250ml (1 cup)215g
Lard250ml (1 cup)220g
Margarine250ml (1 cup)235g
Olive oil250ml (1 cup)220g
Suet, dried, shredded250ml (1 cup)130g
Sunflower oil250ml (1 cup)215g


Almond, ground250ml (1 cup)120g
Bread flour250ml (1 cup)150g
Cake flour250ml (1 cup)150g
Chickpea flour250ml (1 cup)150g
Coconut flour250ml (1 cup)110g
Cornflour15ml ( 1 tbsp)10g
Mealie-meal, uncooked250ml (1 cup)195g
Self-raising flour250ml (1 cup)150g
Semolina250ml (1 cup)180g
Wholewheat flour250ml (1 cup)155g


Apple, chopped250ml (1 cup)130g
Apple, grated250ml (1 cup)195g
Banana, mashed250ml (1 cup)245g
Berries, mixed, frozen250ml (1 cup)155g
Blueberries, fresh250ml (1 cup)130g
Gooseberries, fresh250ml (1 cup)175g
Pineapple, chopped250ml (1 cup)150g
Raspberries, fresh250ml (1 cup)150g
Strawberries, fresh, whole250ml (1 cup)145g

Grains, beans, legumes and rice

Arborio rice, uncooked250ml (1 cup)210g
Barley, pearl250ml (1 cup)200g
Basmati rice, uncooked250ml (1 cup)210g
Bulgur wheat250ml (1 cup)190g
Beans, red speckled, dried250ml (1 cup)170g
Beans, white, dried250ml (1 cup)170g
Chickpeas, dried250ml (1 cup)200g
Jasmine rice, dried250ml (1 cup)190g
Lentils, dried250ml (1 cup)210g
Oats, rolled250ml (1 cup)120g
Peas, split, dried250ml (1 cup)215g
Quinoa, uncooked250ml (1 cup)200g
Sago250ml (1 cup)185g
Samp, uncooked250ml (1 cup)200g
Sushi rice, uncooked250ml (1 cup)225g


Black coffee250ml (1 cup)250g
Coconut cream250ml (1 cup)260g
Coconut  milk250ml (1 cup)255g
Fruit juice250ml (1 cup)250g
Nut milk250ml (1 cup)230g
Water250ml (1 cup)250g


Anchovy fillets, drained15ml (1 tbsp)25g
Baked beans, tinned250ml (1 cup)280g
Condensed milk250ml (1 cup)315g
Corn, creamed, tinned250ml (1 cup)240g
Corn, tinned, drained250ml (1 cup)175g
Olives, drained250ml (1 cup)170g
Olives, drained and pitted250ml (1 cup)110g
Pineapple, tinned, crushed250ml (1 cup)280g
Sun-dried tomatoes, marinated and drained250ml (1 cup)180g
Tomato paste15ml (1 tbsp)20g
Tomatoes, chopped, tinned250ml (1 cup)240g
Tomatoes, whole baby, tinned250ml (1 cup)250g
Tomatoes, whole, tinned250ml (1 cup)235g
Tuna, drained250ml (1 cup)100g

Nuts and seeds

Almonds, raw250ml (1 cup)155g
Brazil nuts, raw250ml (1 cup)155g
Cashew nuts, raw250ml (1 cup)145g
Chia seeds, raw250ml (1 cup)170g
Flaxseeds, raw250ml (1 cup)155g
Hazelnuts, raw250ml (1 cup)145g
Macadamia nuts, raw250ml (1 cup)150g
Mixed nuts, raw250ml (1 cup)140g
Peanuts and raisins250ml (1 cup)155g
Peanuts, roasted250ml (1 cup)150g
Pecan nuts, raw250ml (1 cup)100g
Pine nuts, raw250ml (1 cup)145g
Pistachios, raw and shelled250ml (1 cup)130g
Pistachios, raw and unshelled250ml (1 cup)110g
Poppy seeds, raw250ml (1 cup)145g
Psyllium seed husk, raw250ml (1 cup)150g
Pumpkin seeds, raw250ml (1 cup)140g
Sesame seeds, raw250ml (1 cup)160g
Sunflower seeds, raw250ml (1 cup)140g
Walnuts, raw250ml (1 cup)95g

Pasta and noodles

Couscous, uncooked250ml (1 cup)190g
Elbow macaroni, uncooked250ml (1 cup)130g
Farfalle (bow ties), uncooked250ml (1 cup)60g
Macaroni, uncooked250ml (1 cup)110g
Orzo, uncooked250ml (1 cup)190g
Penne, uncooked250ml (1 cup)95g
Corkscrew pasta, uncooked250ml (1 cup)80g
Shells, medium250ml (1 cup)90g
Spaghetti, fresh, uncooked250ml (1 cup)70g
Tagliatelle, fresh, uncooked250ml (1 cup)80g
Udon noodles, fresh, uncooked250ml (1 cup)135g
Vermicelli, uncooked250ml (1 cup)40g

Sauces and condiments

Chutney250ml (1 cup)280g
HP sauce250ml (1 cup)130g
Mayonnaise250ml (1 cup)225g
Olive tapenade250ml (1 cup)125g
Pesto15ml (1 tbsp)20g
Soya sauce250ml (1 cup)135g
Sweet-chilli sauce250ml (1 cup)140g
Tomato sauce250ml (1 cup)130g
Worcestershire sauce250ml (1 cup)245g


Brown sugar250ml (1 cup)220g
Caramel sugar250ml (1 cup)205g
Castor sugar250ml (1 cup)225g
Coconut blossom sugar250ml (1 cup)160g
Demerara sugar250ml (1 cup)150g
Icing sugar250ml (1 cup)145g
Muscovado sugar250ml (1 cup)190g
Treacle sugar250ml (1 cup)230g
White sugar250ml (1 cup)220g

Sweeteners and jams

Apricot jam15ml (1 tbsp)25g
Golden syrup15ml (1 tbsp)25g
Honey15ml (1 tbsp)25g
Maple syrup15ml (1 tbsp)30g
Molasses15ml (1 tbsp)30g
Strawberry jam15ml (1 tbsp)25g


Aubergine, raw, chopped250ml (1 cup)115g
Beetroot, peeled, raw, chopped250ml (1 cup)150g
Butternut, raw, peeled and chopped250ml (1 cup)130g
Carrots, peeled, raw, chopped250ml (1 cup)150g
Carrots, peeled, grated250ml (1 cup)115g
Celery, chopped250ml (1 cup)110g
Cucumber, chopped250ml (1 cup)150g
Cucumber, grated250ml (1 cup)185g
Garlic, peeled and minced15ml (1 tbsp)10g
Ginger, peeled and minced15ml (1 tbsp)15g
Onion, peeled and chopped250ml (1 cup)135g
Peas, frozen, thawed250ml (1 cup)130g
Rhubarb, fresh, chopped250ml (1 cup)120g
Tomatoes, fresh, chopped250ml (1 cup)180g
Tomatoes, fresh, seeded and diced250ml (1 cup)210g

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