• Whether you enjoy a cuppa, a koffiekofu, or just plain ikhofi locals can take pride that Cape Town’s vibrant café culture has earned it global recognition as one of the world’s top cities for coffee, according to the prestigious US culinary magazine Food & Wine. The Mother City secured a spot on the magazine’s 2024 list of the top 10 cities for coffee. The ranking, determined by votes from over 180 food experts, celebrates the best culinary destinations worldwide.

    Enver Duminy, CEO of Cape Town Tourism, says, “Cape Town’s recognition as one of the world’s best cities for coffee is a testament to our local coffee community’s passion, creativity, and resilience. From the exceptional roasters to the skilled baristas, our city’s coffee scene reflects the vibrant and diverse culture that makes Cape Town so special. We invite local and global coffee lovers to come and experience the rich flavours, warm hospitality, and unforgettable moments that await them in the Mother City.”

    Cape Town ranked as one of the best cities to enjoy coffee in 2024

    Three ways to experience the Mother City’s vibrant coffee scene

     Cape Town’s thriving coffee culture extends beyond its cafés with unique experiences and initiatives that unite communities. The I Love Coffee Group, one of South Africa’s largest coffee shops run by the deaf community, has become a force for positive change since its inception in 2016.

    With seven sites in the Mother City, the organisation provides employment, training, and growth opportunities for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community while fostering connections between deaf and hearing people through their shared love of coffee.

    Another shining example of Cape Town’s coffee scene is Sikis Coffee, founded by Sikelela Dibela. His first coffee shop, Siki’s Koffee Kafe in Khayelitsha, serves as an active social hub for entrepreneurs, creatives, and coffee lovers in the heart of the neighbourhood. Siki’s coffee is a well-balanced combination of Ethiopian, Kenyan, and Burundi beans.

    Cape Town ranked as one of the best cities to enjoy coffee in 2024

    For those looking to immerse themselves in Cape Town’s coffee culture, Cape Culinary Tours offers a Cape Town Coffee Experience. This experience takes visitors on a guided tour of coffee tastings, food pairings, and insights into the city’s coffee history and brewing methods.

    Duminy concludes, “This recognition by Food & Wine not only celebrates our coffee scene but is also a tribute to the unwavering spirit of our city and its people. We look forward to welcoming coffee enthusiasts who want to experience the magic of Cape Town’s coffee culture firsthand.”

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    Words: Cape Town Tourism