6 eggcellent recipes with eggs

August 6, 2022 (Last Updated: August 3, 2022)
recipes with eggs

Looking for an exciting new recipe for your morning eggs? If you’re getting tired of the everyday sunny-side-up, here are 6 fun and scrumptious recipes with eggs to start your mornings on a different note. Let’s get cracking!


recipes with eggs

1. Avo & egg truffles with quick chilli oil

Avo makes a great accompaniment to jammy-boiled eggs and toasted pecan nuts.


egg recipes

2. Puffed pancake with mozzarella, prosciutto and turmeric eggs

If you’re looking for unusual recipes with eggs, then this ultimate breakfast pancake with turmeric eggs is what you need. Colourful and delicious, this dish is also a feast for the eyes!


recipes with eggs

3. Poached eggs with white bean smash and brown butter

With soft poached eggs,  creamy bean smash and nutty browned butter, this dish will become a breakfast favourite!


4. Egg & chorizo pastry cups

These little breakfast bites are the ideal finger food which makes them perfect for a brunch or mid-morning celebration.


5. Soft-boiled eggs with prosciutto-wrapped toast soldiers and porchini butter

Everyone will be scrambling for seconds of this nostalgic brekkie of eggs and soldiers.


6. Sesame fried eggs on tahini yoghurt

Let’s get cracking! Simple eggs on toast will never be the same after you’ve tried these sesame-fried eggs with tahini yoghurt.


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