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Nougat ice cream cake recipe

Nougat ice cream cake

Nougat is delicious on its own, but why not make it out-of-this-world yummy with a nougat ice cream cake? Cream, meringue, ice cream, chocolate and nougat are meant to…

Vanilla sponge Easter eggs recipe

Vanilla sponge Easter eggs

Surprise your loved ones on Easter morning with moist sponge cake hidden in a hen’s egg. Play with the sponge flavours by adding chocolate or different flavoured essences, such…

Frozen tiramisu mousse cake recipe

Frozen tiramisu mousse cake

Let dessert take centre stage this Christmas with a frozen tiramisu mousse cake. This lovely layered treat is sure to be an instant crowd-pleaser. Decadent, rich, and irresistible! Cook’s…

Rosé Champagne chiffon cake recipe

Rosé Champagne chiffon cake

Rosé Champagne chiffon cake is the pinnacle of dessert elegance. It might look intimidating and take a little effort, but is definitely worth it! It’s one of the lightest…