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funfetti pancakes

Funfetti pancakes

Funfetti pancakes are the perfect return to childhood, when everything was more colourful, sweeter and covered in sprinkles. There’s no age limit on these breakfast treats, though, and they’re…

Greek honey-cake golden squares

Greek honey-cake golden squares

These sticky Greek honey-cake golden squares are as magical as their key ingredient. The Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and even the Babylonians couldn’t get enough of this sweet, sticky, golden substance! Made by…

Piggy cupcakes recipe

Piggy cupcakes

The Tart Boutique Catering, 48 Jan Smuts Avenue, Forest Town, Johannesburg. All our food is freshly made to order. Open Day on Fridays from 10:00 to 17:00. Call 011-646-…

Chocolate truffle cake recipe

Chocolate truffle cake

Recipe by Anna Montali Photography by Graeme Borchers  If you liked this recipe, then you will definitely also enjoy these coffee and/or chocolate cake recipes: Coffee, dark chocolate and…

Pistachio, yoghurt and cardamom cake recipe

Pistachio, yoghurt and cardamom cake

This is the most delicious combination of unusual cake flavours. Pistachio, yoghurt and cardamom cake is a light and lovely dessert that’s perfect for afternoon tea. Recipe by Fay Lewis …