• Need some inspiration for your Eid menu? From delectable curry and rice dishes to sweet treats and elegant showstoppers, here are our top recipes for you to make this Eid.

    Savoury recipes for Eid

    Tandoori chicken with roti and raita

    Cooked over the braai until perfectly succulent and lightly charred, this tandoori chicken will have your guests grinning from ear to ear.


    Indian roti canai

    Roti canai are soft pan-fried flatbreads made by layering thinly-stretched dough. Add it to a dinner spread with lentil dhal and mutton curry for a delicious feast!


    Butter chicken with chargrilled naan

    A familiar favourite that we all know and love, this butter chicken recipe is easy to make for a crowd and doesn’t require much effort.


    Prawn madras

    This balanced, fragrant curry sets the stage for the sweetness of prawns to shine. We recommend serving this delicious dish with cucumber raita on the side.


    Cumin and potato naan

    These soft naan breads stuffed with a cumin-spiced potato filling are perfect served alongside mains to mop up sauces and curries.


    eid recipes

    Joojeh kabab

    Joojeh kabab are fragrant chicken kebabs of Persian origin that are flavoured with saffron and lemon, and usually cooked over a charcoal grill. Serve with saffron rice, or sumac-swirled yoghurt as a topping.


    eid recipes

    Mutton curry

    Served with a mound of cumin rice, this rich mutton curry is a soul-warming meal, perfect for bringing people together.


    eid recipes

    Chicken biryani with cumin yoghurt

    Deliciously fragrant and easy to make, nothing screams feel-good food more than a good chicken biryani.


    Persian pilaf with pistachios

    Studded with fresh pomegranate, crunchy pistachio and orange, this rainbow Persian pilaf is a beautiful side for meaty mains.


    Sweet recipes for Eid

    Pistachio & apricot baklava cake

    Why have one treat, when you can have layers of them? This pistachio & apricot baklava cake is guaranteed to be a showstopper for your Eid feast!


    eid recipes

    Pistachio and rose gulab jamuns

    These little sweet biscuit-like morsels are soaked in a floral syrup infused with flavours of rose and green cardamom. You’ll only need a few of these to satisfy your sweet tooth!


    Recipes for eid

    Apple and sumac roses with date caramel sauce

    These gorgeous apple pastries taste just as good as they look. The addition of sumac adds a hint of lemon, while the date caramel gives them a luxurious finish. A delightful recipe for Eid!


    Baklava vanilla cheesecake with honey & nuts

    When baklava meets cheesecake, this elegant dessert is born! A rich vanilla cheesecake filling encased in a golden nest of phyllo, your guests will be swooning over this beauty.


    Cardamom, date and coffee panna cotta

    Naturally sweetened with dates,  we’ve switched up the traditional profile of panna cotta with the delicious flavours of cardamom and coffee. Serve with a dollop of fluffy whipped cream and a dusting of cardamom to finish.


    eid recipes

    Semolina pistachio cake with lemon syrup

    This dessert is stunning in it’s simplicity! With a delightful texture from the semolina, a zesty kick from lemon syrup and a crown of pistachio gems, this cake is perfect to enjoy with family & friends.


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