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Chocolate brownie

Hazelnut Brownies recipe

Hazelnut brownies

“Irresistible” is the only word to describe these gooey, chocolaty hazelnut brownies, especially since they’re not even particularly bad for you! Unlike traditional brownies, these treats contain almost no…

Chocolate brownie pudding recipe

Chocolate brownie pudding

“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with a chocolate brownie pudding.” ― Linda Grayson. Sort of. This delicious and oh-so-gooey chocolate brownie pudding…

Dark chocolate brownie cake recipe

Dark chocolate brownie cake

Recipe by Nicky Gibbs Nicky Gibbs is executive chef at The Westcliff Hotel, Jan Smuts Avenue, Westcliff, Johannesburg. Call 011-481-6000 or visit Cook’s tips: You can sandwich the…

Fudgy choco brownies recipe

Fudgy choco brownies

Fudgy choco brownies are deliciously sticky and rich. A must-have for any chocolate lover, they’re as gooey and decadent as chocolate treats come. Perfect for a moment of indulgence. …