Loaded baby marrow smoothie

Loaded baby marrow smoothie Make this yummy veggie a part of you grocery haul and have fun with its versatility! Use up your left-over marrow to get your greens into your morning smoothie and top it off with some golden honey and crunchy granola. The  honey and granola really elevates this smoothie for a playful taste on your palate.   HANDS-ON TIME 10 min|TOTAL TIME  10  min| SERVES 4 INGREDIENTS 4 bananas, chopped and frozen  200 grams cauliflower, chopped and frozen  8 baby marrows, chopped in thick rounds and frozen  1 green apple cored and roughly chopped, frozen 1 ½  cups almond milk TO SERVE 1 cup granola ¼ cup honey   METHOD PLACE all the ingredients in a high-powered food processor and blend until combined and smooth. SPOON some granola into the bases of each serving glass, top with creamy smoothie. Finish with a sprinkle of granola and drizzle of honey.   Tip: Using frozen fruits and veggies for the Loaded baby marrow smoothie will help create a deliciously creamy and  full smoothie as opposed to thin and watery one.   ALSO SEE: roasted-nectarines-with-amaretti-crumble-2   More From FHE:A Healthier Family for Life by Donna CrousI Love the Dough Pizza Lights Up Taste BudsThe ultimate … Continue reading Loaded baby marrow smoothie