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How to make dehydrated quince

From the apple, quince and walnut frangipane recipe of our August issue 2014, pg. 107 METHOD: Preheat the oven to a cool 50°C. Using some of the quince purée…

broquet groupon

How to make a broquet with Groupon

Wake up and smell the bacon this Father’s Day. Groupon brings you the man-equivalent of the classic floral bouquet and they are calling it the Broquet (#GrouponBroquet). Richard Bosman,…

how to store leftovers

How to store leftovers

Got leftovers and wondering how to store leftovers correctly for later use? Check out our handy guide to saving those remaining ingredients. Milk Freeze milk that will otherwise go off…

Your guide to 3 different types of meringue

3 Types of meringue recipes

Airy, light and sweet, who can resist meringue in any of its forms? Here, a helpful guide to identifying the difference between the three classic types of meringue –…

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