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Iced eggnog recipe

Iced eggnog

Some prefer to serve eggnog warm, but for an already-hot South African Christmas, enjoy this festive favourite cold. A delicious combination of spice, cream and sharp spirits make this…

Sweet christmas bread

Sweet Christmas bread

Sweet Christmas bread is a traditional Greek cake served over Christmas and New Year. A coin is inserted into the base of the cake, indicating good  luck for the…

Pepper lebkuchen chocolate sandwiches recipe

Pepper lebkuchen chocolate sandwiches

Pepper lebkuchen chocolate sandwiches are a traditional Christmas treat. These peppery soft biscuits work well with dark chocolate and are perfect for a sophisticated tea or served after dinner with…

Egg nog recipe

Egg nog

It’s close to Christmas and since egg nog is the quintessential Christmas drink in the northern hemisphere, I thought I’d sneak in a chilled egg nog recipe to suit…

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