• As the summer heat kicks in, we’re here to help you keep your cool in the kitchen with 8 sensational recipes you can easily make in the air fryer. Say goodbye to sweating over a hot stove and hello to deliciously crisp and flavourful dishes that are quick, easy, and perfect for those long, lazy summer days!

    8 of our favourite recipes you can make in the air fryer:

    1. Herb and parmesan crusted pork schnitzel

    This recipe brings together the crispiness of golden-brown pork schnitzel with a flavourful herb and Parmesan crust, all achieved effortlessly in the air fryer when baked fried at 200℃. Elevate your dining experience and treat your taste buds to a symphony of savoury goodness with this easy-to-follow recipe.

    Herb and Parmesan crusted pork schnitzel

    2. Eggs & chorizo pastry cups

    Runny eggs and smoky chorizo? What more could you want? Pop these in the air fryer for 8 minutes at 180℃ and enjoy a delicious egg and chorizo pastry for breakfast or brunch!

    Egg and chorizo pastry cups

    3.  Roast chicken with lemon, oregano, and crispy Greek potatoes

    This roast chicken recipe can be perfectly adapted for the air fryer at just 200ºC for about 20-30 min for the whole family to enjoy. The perfect lazy Sunday lunch roasted chicken with lemon, oregano and crispy greek potatoes.

    Winter roast chicken with lemon, oregano and crispy Greek potatoes

    4. Steak and Chips with Pepper Sauce

    This recipe takes the classic steak and chips duo to new heights by combining the succulence of perfectly cooked steak with the crispiness of air-fried golden chips, all drizzled with a luxurious homemade pepper sauce.

    Steak and Chips with Pepper Sauce

    5. Sumac roasted vegetables

    This vibrant and healthful dish combines the earthy goodness of a variety of vegetables with the citrusy kick of sumac, all crisped up to perfection in the air fryer.

    Sumac roasted vegetables

    6. The pimped-up burger

    Elevate your burger game with this pimped-up burger recipe, perfectly crafted for the air fryer. This culinary masterpiece combines the classic charm of a juicy burger with a modern twist, all while being effortlessly cooked to perfection in the air fryer.

    The pimped-up burger recipe

    7. Air fryer spicy fried drumsticks

    Make a healthier version of fried chicken using your air fryer. Forget about standing in front of a hot stove or checking the hot oven, using the air fryer is quick and easy allowing you to enjoy your spicy fried drumsticks in minutes!

    Airfryer spicy fried drumsticks

    8. Air fryer chocolate cake

    Yes, you can make a chocolate cake in the air fryer! And we have a simple recipe to show you how. Quick and easy,  the non-stick tray also makes it simple to clean.

    Philips Airfryer Chocolate Cake

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    Feature image: Pexels