• Every year brings an opportunity to throw out the old and bring in the new. From gut-friendly food and Earl Grey tea to a renewed interest in vegetables, here’s what 2018 will bring in terms of food and beverage trends.

    By Jade Brennan

    1.Gut-friendly food

    While fermenting and pickling are already mainstream, gut health takes centre stage in 2018. Think kimchi, and kefir, healthy gut diet plans and probiotic-rich foods. Try these easy pickled radishes to add some extra crunch to salads and sandwiches.

    Pickled pink peppercorn radishes recipe

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    2.Souping + bone broth 

    Move over juicing and juice detoxes – there is a new trend in town. “Souping” focuses on having soup instead of juice, and before you indulge in your creamy butternut soup, this trend opts for broth-based soups (Try this beef and chilli noodle soup). And bone broth is still a big deal.

    Make a fragrant and nourishing spinach and chicken broth. 

    Fragrant nourishing chicken and spinach broth

    3.Air frying

    Air fryers are increasing in popularity because they are a healthier and more convenient option compared to traditional frying. They are also versatile and not limited to fries -you can air fry cake, bread to dumplings, as well as pasta and vegetables.

    Philips air fryer

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    4.Poke Bowls

    Poke bowls, pronounced “po-keh”,  originate from Hawaii and comprise a raw fish salad served with rice, vegetables and a sauce. This healthy and refreshing dish hashtag has been used over 250 000 times on Instagram. Last year we saw the rise of smoothie bowls (make this delicious Turmeric latte smoothie bowl) and Buddha bowls. 

    Try this Spicy Hawaiian tuna poké bowl with avo, baby marrow noodles and kale chips.

    Spicy Hawaiian tuna poké bowl

    5.Plant-based food

    • Vegetable carb substitutes like caulirice and baby marrow spaghetti aren’t going anywhere and we’ll continue to see these Banting-friendly veggies on our plates.

    Try these baby marrow noodles, ostrich biltong and blue cheese salad with white port dressing.

    Baby marrow noodles, ostrich biltong and blue cheese salad with white port dressing

    Opt for these carb busting Parmesan-dusted baby marrow fries, instead of the usual potato ones. 

    Flower-fetti cake with cream cheese icing

    • Root to stem eating. This means using the entire vegetable in a meal, which reduces food waste. Use fennel leaves as a herb or garnish and use the bulb for a delicious aniseed flavoured mash.

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    If you’re unsure of what to do with leftover peas, here are delicious ways to make sure none go to waste.

    Vegan pistachio and lemon curd mille feuille with raspberries and toasted meringue recipe

    6.Uncommon herbs and spices

    • Timut pepper, from Nepal, has some spiciness but also hints of grapefruit.
    • Uncommon herbs like lemon balm and chervil (usually found in French cuisine, chervil imparts a mild parsley flavour).

    If you’re not ready to take the plunge, try growing these herbs from offcuts. 

    Easiest herbs and vegetables to regrow

    7.One pan meals

    Quick and easy recipes save us time and still taste great. While 2017 saw an increase in one pot meals, 2018 is the year of the one pan meal. Sheet pan meals are not only easy but can be used for breakfast, lunch and dinner alike, plus there are fewer dishes to clean.


    Green tea and apple sorbet with apple crisps

    • Bubbly beverages will dominate and expect everything from the traditional – like Prosecco, Champagne and Cava – to the new, like sparkling coffee and tea.

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    Preggi-tini mocktail recipe

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