• Chef Liziwe has been a standout participant on Ready Steady Cook South Africa, bringing her unique flair and creativity to the show. Here, she shares her experiences and insights about being part of this thrilling cooking competition. 

    “For me, the experience has been nothing short of amazing fun, challenging, and a true test of my creativity,” Chef Liziwe reflects. She was drawn to Ready Steady Cook because it offered a platform that went beyond just showcasing food recipes. “I wanted to be part of a TV show that was fun, creative, and out of the box. Something thrilling and exciting where I could truly be myself, and RSC provided that.” 

    Chef Liziwe appreciates the unique format of Ready Steady Cook South Africa. “It’s very different from other local cooking shows. It provides quick and easy cooking recipes but is also full of entertainment. I love that both kids and adults can enjoy this show without any restrictions, contributing to more family time, which is something I value greatly.” 

    When it comes to challenges, she notes, “To win the challenges, one needs to charm the audience, not just with the food. As someone with a somewhat reserved personality, this can sometimes work against me or bring out the best in me.” 

    The show’s partnership with Mr D, allowing viewers to recreate the dishes at home, is something Chef Liziwe finds particularly exciting. “It’s the perfect partnership. The convenience of being home, watching your favourite TV show, and having the opportunity to cook like a chef by scanning a QR code and getting all your needed ingredients delivered to your doorstep—it’s fantastic. Mr D is now providing a service for home cooking, not just restaurant meals. I love this; it’s my kind of vibe.” 

    Showcasing South African cuisine

    Ready Steady Cook South Africa contributes significantly to the local culinary scene by showcasing diverse chefs from various culinary backgrounds and cultures. “This makes for interesting and unique South African dishes. It proves one can be creative in the kitchen and create mouth-watering dishes using common South African pantry staples and everyday ingredients,” says Chef Liziwe. 

    Favourite creations on the show

    When asked about her favourite dish on the show, Chef Liziwe laughs and admits, “I can’t remember most of the dishes I make as I have to come up with recipes on the spot. I create as I go. But I do recall using a ready-boxed custard to create a savoury sweet and sticky sauce for pork ribs, and the recipe actually worked. I also made a soup with a tin of baked beans, and it turned out great! These experiences gave me a much-needed boost of confidence.” 

    Chef Liziwe’s journey on Ready Steady Cook South Africa has been a blend of creativity, challenge, and fun. Her participation not only showcases her culinary skills but also highlights the vibrant and diverse nature of South African cuisine. 

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    Get creative in your kitchen and make these quick and easy, yet delicious dishes by Chef Liziwe from the Green Peppers team! 


    200g Broccoli 

    50g Rocket 

    2 eggs Boiled 

    20g Plain Yogurt 

    2 Tbsp 6 Gun seasoning 

    Olive oil 

    Season broccoli with 6 gun and oil and cook in an air fryer for 10 minutes. Mix everything and serve. 


    200g Prawn meat 

    100g Penne pasta 

    100g Broccoli 

    50g Plain Yogurt 

    50g Parsley 

    Salt and Pepper 

    Olive oil 

    1/2 Tspn Crushed garlic 

    Cook pasta in salted boiling water until soft and set aside. Blanch broccoli and blend with yoghurt, parsley, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Season prawns with salt and pepper, in a hot pan with oil sauté prawns for 5 minutes, add garlic and pasta. Mix and adjust the seasoning and serve with the puree. 


    4 Egg yolks 

    1/2 Cup sugar 

    2 Cups milk 

    1 Tspn Vanilla essence 

    1/4 condensed milk 

    1 Can of canned Guavas 

    In a small saucepan add water and simmer. In a glass bowl mix egg yolks and sugar until light in colour. Cook in a double boiler, whisking continuously and adding milk gradually until it thickens. Strain and add condensed milk. Serve with Guava. 

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