• MasterChef SA winner, food blogger and host of the food-travel show, Girl Eat World, Kamini Pather is leaving a lasting impact beyond just her delicious creations within the food industry.

    Chef Kamini is one of 10 celebrity chefs starring on the new hit cooking show Ready Steady Cook South Africa (RSC), who will assist contestants in preparing three dishes from random ingredients within 20 minutes! The show guarantees to be a daily dose of entertainment and inspiration. Teams race against time, using their delivered ingredients to craft delectable dishes.

    Chef Kamini - RSC

    Currently, in its sixth week since airing on 18 March, viewers have enjoyed laughter, suspense, and helpful cooking advice, catering to home cooks of every expertise level.

    With her infectious energy and culinary expertise, Chef Kamini offers a glimpse into the world of the new show and shares her experience and insights on what makes it a culinary sensation.

    “After the first episode, I had to reframe the context for myself because Ready Steady Cook (RSC) is very different from other cooking show competitions in South Africa. It’s about accessible food and entertainment more than high-performance cooking. In saying that, it’s an incredibly fun show to shoot. The contestants add a real homeliness to the experience, and every episode feels different because I’m cooking with a new person,” says Kamini.

    Ready Steady Cook South Africa

    With its focus on making cooking seem less intimidating and accessible to viewers, the highly anticipated show has teamed up with Mr D Groceries to transform home cooking.

    This innovative partnership offers easy access to convenience and culinary discovery. Now, viewers can watch delectable dishes being prepared on screen, using ingredients readily delivered to their doorstep by Mr D Groceries at in-store prices in just 60 minutes.

    “Being a good home cook has been en-vogue for many years now and this collaboration with Mr D just makes it one step easier. It really empowers time-starved people to be able to make impressing dinners on any random night,” Kamini adds.

    Ready Steady Cook South Africa

    This collaboration also takes away the fuss of last-minute pantry scrambles for ingredients to try and make a tempting dish you’ve seen on screen – and who doesn’t love convenience cooking?

    In addition to this, Kamini also speaks on the partnership’s dedication to showcasing South African cuisine through the use of some of SA’s favourite local ingredients and getting creative with it.

    “The baskets of ingredients honour local cuisine by throwing in things like chicken feet, chickpea flour, Wheatbix and many other daily favourites which we, the chefs, need to be creative with. It feels like taking a well-worn pair of jeans and jazzing them up for a night out – it’s familiar but fresh,” she said in the interview.

    This collaboration also highlights the continuously growing array of options available on demand. According to Kamini, sometimes people can feel belaboured by cooking, but she hopes that what viewers can take away from the show is just how quick and easy it is to throw together delicious, proudly South African meals.

    Ready Steady Cook South Africa

    Audiences can catch Ready Steady Cook episodes daily on S3 (formerly known as SABC 3) at 19:00 from Monday to Friday.

    The reruns will air on SABC 1 at 15:30 and SABC 2 at 17:30 Monday to Friday.

    The omnibus will also be aired on Saturday on S3 between 08:00 and 10:00.

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