• Sunday brunching is a weekend tradition that we’ll never get tired of. With meal options that extend from french toast and waffles to savoury pancakes and breakfast bakes, brunch is a delicious excuse to spend the morning with your friends and loved ones. If you love this meal as much as we do, then you’ll definitely want to check out these 8 scrumptious Sunday brunch recipes. 

    1. Cornbread flapjacks with grilled halloumi & roasted apricots

    This heavenly dish brings together the forces of sweet and savoury through sticky roasted apricots and salty halloumi. The addition of mieliepap to the batter gives these flapjacks a unique flavour and texture. A simple yet crowd-pleasing meal that will keep your guests coming back for more!

    Grilled halloumi with roasted apricots & flapjacks


    2. Savoury basil pancakes with roasted chilli tomatoes and ricotta

    Tomato, basil and ricotta is a classic combo that will never get old! These light and fluffy basil pancakes are the perfect vehicle for blistered, fiery roasted tomatoes. A delicious savoury kick for Sunday brunching!

    Savoury pancakes with ricotta and basil


    3. Salmon, cream cheese and caperberry breakfast pizza

    Yes, you can enjoy pizza for breakfast too! Topped with dollops of cream cheese, salmon ribbons and zingy caperberries, this breakfast pizza is a sophisticated redo of the classic salmon bagel.

    Breakfast pizza recipe


    4. Pepper & ricotta frittata

    Make this creamy, cheesy frittata with any of your favourite ingredients and flavour combos. Serve with slices of toasted sourdough, fresh greens or pesto on the side for a more rounded meal.



    5. Shakshuka with crispy chorizo

    Originating from Northern Africa and the Middle East, Shakshuka is made by poaching eggs in a simmering mixture of tomatoes, onion, garlic and spices. It’s a nourishing, soul-warming meal that we guarantee you’ll want to make again and again.

    Shakshuka with crispy chorizo


    6. Frangipane french toast with figs

    This classic breakfast treat is made even more irresistible with a delicious topping of rich and buttery almond cream. Serve with fresh seasonal fruit and honey for the perfect sweet brunch.

    Frangipane French toast


    7. Baked oats

    Baked oats have taken the social media world by storm and with this recipe, you’ll understand exactly why! With a creamy, pudding-like texture, this dish is a luxurious reinvention of humble oats.



    8. Poached eggs with cannellini bean smash & brown butter

    Toasted sourdough with gooey soft-poached eggs, creamy cannellini bean smash and nutty brown butter…this is the ultimate savoury brunch recipe with an addictive umami kick.



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    Feature images by Colin Michel on Unsplash

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